How to Connect With Customers Via Your Content

As the pandemic has no doubt changed the shape of the industry, it’s becoming increasingly clear that how consumers shop and connect with brands has shifted.

No longer are they content to just stand by and purchase your products/services no matter who you are or what you’re like as a brand. It’s evident now that consumers are beginning to get a taste for connection, association and communication.

If you’re not putting effort into the content you publish, focusing on a clear strategy for reaching out with your target audience, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of Customers who are desperate to relate to your brand and purchase with intent in connecting to your brand identity and gaining their trust.

But never fear! We know exactly how you can modify and revamp your content to match with the desires of the consumer of this day and age.

Woo Your Audience

Woo Your Audience

Just like going on a date, you can’t expect whoever you’re courting to trust you on day dot. There’s a bit of effort involved in wooing them over before they’re ready to go steady.

With mere seconds to grab their attention, the content you’re putting out there needs to be dynamic. But before you can learn how to create the kind of content that is going to knock their socks off, you’ll need to be in tune with your Customers.

To develop that relationship, it’s important to engage in a lot of listening. When communicating, hear what they have to say. A Customer wants to feel valued. If you’re actively listening to their concerns, pleasures and general voice, they’re going to view you as an authority they can count on.

Research says that 70% of a Customer’s journey is based on how they are being treated. Treat them like they’re your only Customer in the world! Ensure they feel heard and understood, and work in that empathy.

Adapt Your Brand’s Voice

Most likely you’ve already been spitting out content for the last little while, but no need to worry! This will actually assist you, as you may already be familiar with specific content types and your own style and voice. Keep that up! Utilise that existing knowledge, but add a new spin to it.

Using your brand’s personality, add that to your content. Work in that personality and direction. Make it prominent in everything you do and however you communicate. Don’t forget to stay consistent too!

The key to connection is really knowing your audience, if you’re clued into their own jargon and how they communicate, reproduce that in how you’re representing your brand online. They will respond to and view you as one of them, as opposed to just another business.

Use the power of the voice you’ve already crafted to really push out what you’re known for! For example, if your brand has a humorous trait, utilise that by creating content that highlights that personality.

Tell Your Audience a Story

To get on the level of your Customers, it’s time to use a special power of yours, storytelling. And who better to tell the story than the person who knows the ins and outs of your brand. Yes, it’s you!

Build trust by weaving tales of other Customers, stories of when they had come to you upset and needing help, and how your product benefited them. Everyone loves a happy ending, and your product/service needs to be the solution to a problem from your hero, the Customer.

You can tell your story! Show them behind the scenes of how your business is run or how your product is made. It’s this sort of exclusivity that helps Customers in feeling connected to your process.

And don’t forget about the stories your Customers themselves tell. Social proof of how your product/service is benefiting others and reading positive experiences will help wary consumers feel more inclined to place their trust in your brand.


Always remember to consider your content in relation to your audience. Put your Customers first and connect to them by altering your content and communication style, and improve your brand identity, trust and overall conversions!