Content Ideas to Invigorate and Inspire

You wouldn’t keep rotting fruit or veg in the fridge, would you? The same goes for your content. It needs to be fresh for your Customers to consume so they’re able to get the most out of it.

If you’ve left your content stuck in the past, it’s likely your target audience isn't going to be too engaged with the smelly, rotten content that isn’t connecting with the current trends.

But if you’re struggling to think of how you can update and create new content that will generate unique hits and brand awareness, this blog lists a range of ideas that you can utilise easily and helps ensure you’re staying as up to date and hip as a Gen Z influencer on TikTok.

Inform With Instructographics

Inform With Instructographics

Looking akin to an infographic, instructographics take that basic premise while primarily focussing on instructing (get it, instructographic!) the reader on how to perform or undertake a specific task.

Utilising an instructographic will benefit the Customers who have pain points and need specific answers regarding your products or service. Easy to digest, pretty to look at, instructographics have high sharing capability and are going to boost the trust your Customers have in your business and brand.

Versatile Videos

Video content is really taking off, and Google is recognising it as a form of SEO that will help in your ranking on the SERP, meaning it’s a great idea to get stuck into some video creation for your brand.

There are all kinds of video content ideas that are worth pursuing, one of which is the whiteboard video. This can be useful for the creatives in your company to showcase their abilities by drawing or writing their talent quite literally onto a whiteboard with a marker, while the camera tracks every movement.

These videos produce engaging and fun content for Customers, as well as for internal purposes (it’s a pretty nifty tool to use for training videos minus the boring elements).

Screencast videos are another option, especially helpful for when your Customers need a step-by-step guide on specific processes or uses for any product or service you offer. Using your computer screen and audio, you can narrate and show your exact movements.

Craft Carousel Posts

Round and round like a carousel, these marketing advertisements are a lucrative option to display your wares. Boosting higher engagement than regular posts, carousel posts give the user the option to click through for a closer look and to cycle uninterrupted for up to 10 slides.

High-flying social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram all provide a carousel opportunity for your brand, and are worth looking into if you want your content to shine in a feature that is taking social media advertising by storm.

Tease With Time-Restricted Content

Something that is sure to tickle the taste buds of your audience is by teasing them with time-restricted, or ephemeral, posts. Only lasting 24 hours, this content screams FOMO (fear of missing out) and has your Customers scrambling to ensure they don’t lose any offer or pick up your latest product.

Popular on Instagram and Facebook, you can show cheeky snippets of your work behind the scenes or maybe even exhibit special events.

Of course, content is consistently evolving and changing its spots. We recommend watching your competitors’ movements, analysing the big brands and keeping up to date with trends within your industry. In the meantime, consider the content ideas above to inspire your creativity and get more engagement from your Customers!