7 SEO Tips To Keep in Mind When Writing Content for Your Site

Do you think having a Website is all you need to grow your Business Online? Although it’s a great start, it’s exactly that: a start.

These days, written content and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are closely linked. Your Website’s written content needs to be crafted in a way that will deliver the most benefit. It doesn’t matter how awesome your blogs, landing pages, or product descriptions might be — your Website won’t climb the Search Engine Rankings without a bit of smart work.

Search Engine Rankings matter! If your Website isn’t on the first page of a search result, you won’t be getting those all important visitors.

But how do you write something that is engaging for both Search Engines and Customers? Here are 7 SEO tips to keep in mind!



This simple step is often neglected when people sit down to write content for their Site. Too many articles are written and posted Online without any consideration paid to who they’ve actually been written for. It’s always best to research your target audience first before writing, this will allow you to direct the right content towards the right consumer.

Learning about your potential readership also gives you a better understanding of what makes them tick, what writing style they will be comfortable with, and the tone they connect with the most. Once you know what appeals to your audience, write something informative and engaging and make sure it hooks them! But, keep in mind that Search Engines also need to be able to read your content as well.


Who wants to read articles with boring titles? Your headline is the first impression you make with your potential readers. It needs to be eye-catching and engaging, especially since time is important to people and they want to spend it on something worthwhile.

The last thing you want to do is send them packing with a dull and boring headline. Make your headlines attention-grabbing and irresistible. Also, don’t forget to squeeze in an engaging meta description that lets your readers know what your content is talking about. By doing this, they’ll have an idea as to what they’re spending their precious time on.

You should also place keywords in your headlines to build up your search ranking and make sure you have those keywords throughout your article. Once you have those, voila! You’ve given yourself a great chance to start climbing the Search Engine Rankings in no time.   


Psychologists have found that putting numerical figures in your headlines is one trick that might increase your clicks. This research has concluded that placing numerical figures in your titles builds trust with readers and allows them to view your material as a credible source. This is engaging and alluring for consumers that want to know that the content they are reading is real!


Congratulations if you’ve got content that is perfectly designed for SEO (with keywords and meta descriptions) ready to take you to the top of the Search Engine rankings! But if your writing is full of grammar and spelling errors, this can cost you dearly.

Yes, spelling and grammar matter. Not just for your readers, but also for your SEO. Poor grammar and bad spelling will affect your search ranking placement because Search Engines like Google pick up spelling and grammar with their SEO algorithms.

Awkwardly sentence structure and spelling flubs also mess up your readers experience. You want the readability of your written content to be smooth and sound, not a rollercoaster of frustration and emotions.

With bad spelling and grammar, your Website will come off as unprofessional and unreliable. Google might well punish you, and the few people that do make it to your Website will be put off. Take grammar and spelling seriously before it jeopardises your business.


Stay committed to your mission — to convert viewers into customers. Your Website might be at the top of the Search Engine Rankings, but this doesn’t automatically mean your Website is converting people.

It’s not enough to just write articles that inform and engage consumers. Your Website needs to produce an outcome- commonly a call to action - that convinces and persuades viewers to engage with your business. It might be filling out a form or hitting a button to give you a call. Regardless, you need to make sure your Website is converting people from browser to potential buyer!

Be clear and straightforward in your product descriptions, and use a set of customer testimonials or reviews that will give you an edge over your competitors. Remember, the best way to sell is to influence people into an action or interaction with your business!


Be particular with the font and size you are using, it’ll make your content easier to read and visually appealing. Some fonts aren’t ‘web-safe’ and are incredibly hard to read on certain screens. Remove this ambiguity by picking an easy and legible font that anyone can read.

You should also be consistent and careful in employing the right fonts for your headings, subheadings, and the bulk of your content. The use of bolding and italics to highlight specific words is also an effective way to draw readers in. Don’t be afraid to change things up! Bullets, infographics, videos, and charts are all powerful and easy to use tools.


Written content accompanied by images stands out because we take on visual stimulus with positive regard. Pictures are essential in making your content shareable. Don’t just post any picture; make sure the pictures are of high quality and relatable to the content you’re writing.

The size of the photo is important as well! If it’s too, big the web browser might not load the image fast enough, creating a bad user experience. And if the image is too small, it’ll be blurry and unintelligible for the reader. Don’t forget to include meaningful and descriptive captions with strong keywords.

These are just 7 SEO tips to keep in mind when writing content for your Website. There are so many more tricks of the trade that our experts use at Sites n Stores use to help Optimise Website Content. If you’re looking for more ways to boost your Search Engine Rankings and achieve Small Business Success, contact us at any time to learn more!