Dynamic Retargeting: What it is and How it Can Take your Business to the Next Level

If you already have a relatively effective Digital Marketing Strategy underway, it could be time for you to think about “upping the ante”, as they say. Sure, you may be seeing great results, but imagine if you could implement a strategy that could take your Small Business to the next level.

While you may have heard the term “Retargeting” thrown around, Dynamic Retargeting has quickly become the Marketers choice when it comes to appealing to Online Audiences. Why? Because while Retargeting does indeed allow Business Owners to re-promote their products to potentially interested customers, Dynamic Retargeting does so with an incredible level of specificity.

If you’ve never heard of Dynamic Remarketing but are interested in increasing your Online Marketing efforts keep reading! We’re about to tell you everything you need to know about this incredible powerful Digital Marketing Tool and how it can seriously increase your Online Success. Like, seriously.

The Difference Between Traditional Retargeting and Dynamic Retargeting

The Difference Between Traditional Retargeting and Dynamic Retargeting

So, what exactly is the difference between Retargeting and dynamic Retargeting?

The older style of Retargeting allows a Business to retarget and segment visitors that have been to their Website but never made a purchase. Google Retargeting would then serve ads to those visitors with a generic message in hopes of driving them back to the Website.  For example, if you’re an Online Retailer selling women’s clothing and someone visited your Store, you could then “follow” them around the Internet with a general ad promoting your Business.

While Dynamic Retargeting is quite similar in theory, it allows for much greater levels of specificity within the targeting options. This method of Retargeting sees Google creating your ads for you to include the image, price and text all based on the behaviour coming from the individual Website visitor. This means that Businesses can now begin to reach potential customers with specific messaging based on the exact products they were interested in when they visited the Website. This kind of Retargeting can get super specific, seeing advertisers target consumers with the specific features of a product they viewed or placed in their cart, such as colour, size, price and colour. If it weren’t so genius it would be creepy!

Now that you know a bit more about how Dynamic Retargeting works, let’s delve deeper into the various ways it can help to increase your sales, customer engagement and grow your audience of repeat buyers.

You Get Highly Qualified Traffic

This is perhaps one of the biggest overarching benefits of Dynamic Retargeting. When you retarget Dynamic ads to an audience, you know that they’re already interested in this product, thus increasing their likelihood of purchasing from you.

If someone has engaged with your products, this automatically puts them further down the purchase funnel. You can then serve ads to shoppers who have done the following:

  • Visited your Online Store
  • Visited your Online Store and viewed a specific product
  • Visited your Store, added a product to the cart, but never purchased
  • Purchased items from your Store

Remember, these people have already shown an interest in a specific product, so chances are that they still have an urge to buy it, whether they simply viewed the product page or added it to their cart.

This is an exceptionally smart way to Market your products. You’re not wasting time, money or energy on capturing new leads, but instead have to work a lot less to simply recapture the attention of those who are already engaged with a particular product.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

With so much competition out there for Online Retailers, it’s vital as a Small Business that you do your utmost to increase brand awareness and stay at the top of your buyers’ minds. Dynamic Retargeting is a fantastic way to do just this.

Today there are more than 2 billion active Google users each month and 40,000 search queries every second. The chance of a consumer going to multiple Ecommerce Stores and doing their research is extremely high, which can cause them to easily forget your Brand.

If these potential customers are exposed to your products more frequently and become familiar with both your products and your Business, the more likely they are to convert in the future. Think about it, if someone wants to buy a luxury bag and they’ve narrowed down their choices to two Online Stores, which do you think they’d chose: the one they visited Online and then never heard from again, or the one they visited Online that kept reminding them about how beautiful that specific bag truly is?

By being a constant presence in your audiences life, you can ensure your Brand and Business are at the forefront of their mind when the desire to purchase hits them.

You Get Access to Comprehensive Analytics

Dynamic Retargeting gives you access to important data that can see you best able to assess the effectiveness of your ads and optimise accordingly.

When it comes to really honing your Retargeting Display ads to maximise their success, monitoring the metrics and analytics is key. This information will give you greater insight into your customers’ behaviour and how you can rework your ads to suit. Furthermore, it’ll show you which of your ads are most successful and which might need optimising with regards to ad creative, such as the ad copy, Call-to-Action buttons, images and graphics.

You Get Access to the Google Display Network

Google’s Display Network includes Sites and Webpages where Google AdWords ads can appear, including Google search, YouTube and Gmail, some of the most widely accessed Sites Online today.

The ability to display your Dynamic Retargeting ads on such a large and substantial scale provides Small Business Retailers a massive opportunity to get noticed, even next to large multinational Companies. As well as giving you access to such wide reach, there are a few other added benefits to being able to use Retargeting ads on the Google Display Network:

  • It uses ads which include existing merchant assets, such as your Business’s logo
  • The ads are image based, which have been shown to more likely lead to conversions
  • It allows merchants to utilise advanced strategies such a Geo-targeting and scheduling

You can choose which Sites you want your Dynamic Remarketing ads to appear on and by analysing site impressions, clicks, conversions and costs for each Site, and discovering which drive the best results.

As the Internet and consumers’ Online behaviours evolve it’s becoming increasingly important for Small Business Owner to adapt to more sophisticated and targeted methods of Digital Marketing. Dynamic Retargeting - with its incredible level of specificity - is a fantastic way to gain ultimate control when it comes to which of your ads you show to who. With a wide reach across the Google display network, such highly targeted content, the ability to analyse data and stay at the forefront of customers’ minds, it’s no wonder Dynamic Retargeting has outshone the traditional ways.