6 Of The Most Effective Facebook Posts To Drive Serious Traffic To Your Website

One of the most cost-effective ways for your Small Business to engage your market is through Social Media. Unlike the traditional way of contacting people by phone, mail or email, Social Media allows for instant responses to occur and is another way of building the all-important customer rapport. It’s also a faster way to get prospects to familiarise themselves with your products and services.

As most of your customers are likely to be using Facebook, it’s highly important for you to create a Business Facebook Page too. As the most popular Social Network service in the world, Facebook is also the second largest Website right after Google.

While it’s free to setup a profile and requires little time to add pictures and information, as well as a few ‘friends’ – the real work on Facebook comes afterwards: this comes in the form of creating, posting and sharing great content that will see you create engagement, strengthen your brand and stimulate conversation around your products and services.

So, what exactly should you be posting on your page that shows off your Small Business’s capabilities? What types of posts can you use to grab people’s attention and lure them away from their newsfeed onto your Website? Well sit tight, because we’re about to tell you some of the most effective types of posts that can drive some serious traffic to your Small Business’s Website!

Ask for Feedback post

1. Ask For Feedback Post

One way to engage and gain instant feedback from the customer is to post a status message with a question. That status question could be asking them what they think about an existing product, or what kind of designs or features the customers want to see from your Small Business in the future.

The conversations could go more than two ways if other followers comment on the post too. An all-round conversation like this could result in forging a community feel to the page. Of course, the comments might not always be positive ones, but you’ll be getting feedback nonetheless! The bottom line is that your Small Business is engaging your market!

Share Your Content

2. Share Your Content

Visual displays, including images, infographics, GIFS and videos are seriously good at capturing your audience’s attention and are therefore highly effective to use within your Facebook posts.

For example, if your Small Business sells hiking shoes, you may want to show a video of someone walking through a forest wearing your latest design. The person could then convey their thoughts and experiences to the audience. While the visual works to grasp the viewer’s attention, the testimonial adds a ‘real-world’ example that engenders trust in your product. As for photos, you may want to upload and display images of the shoes from several different angles to give viewers the best possible look at your shoes.

With each new content that’s uploaded, you should leave the comments section open for your followers, customers or prospects to say what they think about each video and photo, and what their impressions were after using a particular product.

Make your Customers Famous

3. Make Your Customers Famous

On Social Media, your customers are the best promoters of your products and won’t incur further costs from your marketing budget, so why not use them in your next Facebook post?

Make them famous by posting their photos on your page and give them a status post to remember. For example, “Here’s the happy couple, Joe and Jane Smith, warmed up wearing our new hoodies!” By giving them a shout-out in your posts, you’re not only strengthening your relationship with those particular customers, but showing other potential buyers that you really care and appreciate your clients. In the long run, giving them 15 minutes or fame will strengthen customer loyalty, considerably.

Offer Tips

4. Offer Tips

Customers like to be educated about your products, services and how they can translate those tips into real life situations. Posting practical tips related to your products is a great way to win over your market, without directly selling your product. Tips on how to make best use of the product or a service is a good way to engage.

For example, if you make homemade jams and preserves, you could post a short tutorial video of how to make delicious jam-filled scrolls. Or you could regularly post helpful recipe ideas that will get people excited about your products.

This is all relevant information that ensures the customers gets maximum value from using the item over time. People may not remember everything that was told to them at the time of purchase, but by refreshing their memory through your Facebook posts, they won’t soon forget. Instructional posts of this nature build a solid rapport and once again, strengthens customer loyalty. Furthermore, they also help to position you as an authority in your field, as people will come to see you as a trusted source of information.

News Posting and Re-Posting

5. News Posting And Re-Posting

This Facebook post could be a market update to one of your products or it could be a management change within Your Small Business. Why not share it to your followers? They’ll likely appreciated the update!

On the flip side, you might choose to share news that may not necessarily be about Your Small Business directly, but rather about your Industry. Your followers are clearly interested in your industry (they’re following you, after all!), so by posting content of this nature, you’re strengthening your ties within this industry and showing followers you’re up-to-date and well-informed.

Using the Small Business that sells hiking shoes as an example, perhaps there is a news report on the local council opening up a national park with more trails to explore. By sharing this news with your followers, you’re getting your audience excited about hiking – which they will obviously need new shoes for! But of course, this isn’t all about selling. You’re also positioning yourself as an authority in your industry and showing your followers that you care about their interests and hobbies. This alone will endear them to your Business.

Essentially, sharing news can’t hurt and might just spark the curiosity of your customer base to comment and even better, come visit Your Website.

Experiment by Posting Often

6. Experiment By Posting Often

There’s no fundamental rule on the frequency that your Small Business should be posting in Facebook. Therefore, trial and error will not hurt your brand. Using the above tips, see what responses you can get from posting 1-2 times a day, as compared to 7-8 times the next day.

Assuming each post is promoting your brand and service, or just engaging your customers with random questions and shared posts, you will get a response either way. As long as you’re consistently posting engaging, valuable and interesting content for your followers, your Small Business might just get the heavy traffic you’re after!