How to Find Your Brand Voice

For any brand and business, brand awareness is paramount. But apart from prospects recognising your logo, how else are they able to connect and relate to your brand? 

It’s all about having a consistent voice in any written posts or communications you make. Without a clear brand voice, anything you put out into the world whether it be via email, Social Media or on your Website, could be a confusing and unclear mix of tones and voices.

Without this consistency, your audience doesn’t have a comprehensible idea of the personality of your brand through voice, and your brand is certainly not going to stand out to them.  

So, what can you do? Craft a brand voice, of course! And we’re here to help you. Follow our steps and your brand can find its voice, allowing you to connect to your audience.

Look Over Your Current Content

Look Over Your Current Content

OK, first thing’s first. Most likely you’ve already got a range of content that has been written over the years. Isolate content from a wide area of sources such as written posts, videos or audio

It’s then a great idea to get key members of your team together to go over all of this content and discuss common personality traits and themes within the voice of the content. Which ones stand out to you? Which ones represent the brand and relate to your target audience? Is that the tone/personality that will engage your target audience? 

Use a whiteboard or paper to physically write down these ideas so you can visualise what’s working and get a good grasp on what connects to your brand. Decide as a team on your favourite pieces of content that best represent your brand.

Describe Your Brand Voice in 3 Words

Describe Your Brand Voice in 3 Words

Now that you’ve chosen those specific pieces of content, go deeper into the personality traits they’re exuding. What sort of tone is it voicing? Start broad. Maybe it’s a very happy or excited voice. Or perhaps it has a hint of quirkiness to it. Or the tone might be completely professional and suave. 

Write down the top 3 words that describe the tone of voice in the content pieces you’ve chosen. And now it’s time to go even deeper! Define these words, write down the synonyms of these words too. 

Your best bet is to then create a table that pinpoints each word and goes into depth. Create columns that talk about the details of which each voice characteristic relates to the brand, i.e. the description of how it connects to your brand, as well as any famous characters or celebrities that are an example of that personality.

Ensure Writers Stay Consistent

Ensure Writers Stay Consistent

Now that you’ve nailed down the voice of your brand, as well as even listing characters that use that voice for reference, you can begin crafting your content utilising the table you made! 

Every time a new writer, or someone creating content, enters your business, show them the table created so you know that your content is going to remain the same for your audience.

The more consistent your brand voice is, the more likely your audience will recognise your brand and connect with you and your team can focus on and successfully implement that voice throughout marketing strategies. 

Congratulations on finding your voice! It’s key for your marketing campaigns and overall brand awareness. Remember to revisit your brand voice too as time goes on, check in with your content and writing team to make any changes or update it as it needs. Also monitor and measure any audience reactions so you can adjust accordingly.