Is your Website Mobile Ready? Read Here to Find Out!

There’s so much more to a Website than just making it look good. If you’re getting your first Website made, then there’s no doubt a hell of a lot of things you don’t even know to consider.

One thing that is more important than anything is how your Website will work and look on a mobile device. Mobile Responsive Design is an important part of how your customers will interact with your Website in the modern day.

Most of the interactions that happen with Websites and Online Stores are through Mobile Devices these days. And of course, every phone screen is a completely different size, so your Website design needs to have certain “flexibility”.

If you’re not sure your Website is properly equipped to tackle all Mobile Screen Sizes, then keep reading!

How to tell if a Site is Responsive

How to tell if a Site is Responsive

Well, this one is quite easy. If you’ve ever gone to a Website and had to zoom in then scroll horizontally to simply read the text on the page, then it’s not responsive.

Mobile Responsive Design means that all images, text and buttons scale to fit the phone or tablet screen you are using. No horizontal scrolling should occur at all, because let’s face it, it’s just annoying as all hell. Especially when you’re trying to do a little cheeky online shopping while on busy public transport!

But, it is important to realise that having a Mobile Responsive site isn’t the end of it. You also need to make sure that people can use your site on a Mobile as well. Usability is a major part of making your Site Mobile Ready!

Perform a Mobile Responsive Test

Perform a Mobile Responsive Test

The best way to analyse the overall functionality of your Website or Ecommerce Store is by using a Mobile Responsive Test tool. There are lots of super easy tools Online that you can use to check out your Site.

To use these tools, you simply copy and paste the URL of your Website into the tool. They then analyse things like page load speed, and general usability to generate a score.

Most testers will also return screenshots and even in some cases suggestions on what can be improved on your Site. Most issues that they will pick up will usually be with font size and button sizes, but you may also be given a low score simply for confusing navigation as well.

Make sure your Mobile Site makes sense

Make sure your Mobile Site makes sense

Sometimes when you make a Site Responsive, it might need a bit more work to make sense. The usability has now been completely shrunk, so having lots of large images and long pages that people have to scroll through is just not practical. I mean, seriously. I know we all have double jointed thumbs now, but give it a rest with the scrolling!

Take some time to simply look at your Site from a Customers perspective. Look at everything from how easy it is to use the menu now that it’s smaller, and even look at how close the buttons are. There’s nothing more frustrating that clicking a button that’s close to another, only be taken to the wrong page!

Don’t Make a Mobile Version of Your Site!

Don’t Make a Mobile Version of Your Site!

Seriously, don’t even think about it. A few years back it was acceptable to have a whole different Site that was your Mobile version, but if you do this today you risk being penalised quite severely for duplicate content.

Duplicate content is Google’s version of trying to prevent plagiarism. The algorithm scans your site and everyone else’s in the world, and if you and someone else have the same content, you’re penalised.

And if you’re Sites is so old you’re thinking of an independent Mobile Version, then it’s clearly just time to update the whole thing! Take the plunge, and update your Site to make it Responsive.

Hopefully these few helpful tricks will guide you through understanding if your Website or Online Store is Mobile Responsive. And if it’s not, then don’t wait, act now!

Staying ahead of your Competition Online is vital, and if you’re Site is not responsive you’re handing them the trophy before you’ve even run the race.

So contact us today and let’s discuss the options for revamping your Site and making it work to your Small Business Advantage. Your Online Success starts with Sites n Stores today.