Linkbuilding Strategies you Can Apply to Your Small Business Right Now!

Linkbuilding is an important part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that you may not have ever paid attention to before. But even if you’ve never really heard of it before, don’t stress! It’s a super easy concept and quick thing to do on your Website as well.

Linkbuilding is a very basic idea. It’s literally building links within your Website. There’s traditionally two types of Linkbuilding, internal Linkbuilding and external Linkbuilding. As a Small Business, it is way more important to consider the Internal Linkbuilding of your Site.

So if you want to up the SEO game on your Website, then keep reading on how you can perform Linkbuilding today!

A Little History on Linkbuilding

A Little History on Linkbuilding

To understand how important Linkbuilding is, you need to look at how the internet operated before Search Engines. Search Engines came about because it was difficult to find Websites without knowing their Domain name. Before Search Engines you, the only way you could find one Sites was by linking from one site to another.

This meant that Websites would link to other relevant Websites (or sponsors or friends Sites) to allow people to find the other Site. Google recognised this and built their Search Engine to find Sites better than anyone.

But because of this, Google still appreciates Links as they clearly direct people and their search bots to relevant information, which in turn helps your SEO.

What This Means Today

What This Means Today

These days, you would only link to Websites or Online Stores if you think they have extreme value to people who would also land on your Site. So earning external Links is a brilliant thing to do for your Website.

But as a Small Business Website, this can be difficult to do. The best way to earn external Links (if this is something that interests you) is by looking at your local community. If you sponsor a charity event, or help out at a local function perhaps you can discuss Linkbuilding opportunities there.

However, it is important to note that directly paying someone to put Links to your Site is against Google’s policy, so don’t engage in black hat SEO tactics there! But if external Linkbuilding just doesn’t seem like your thing, then it’s time to think about Internal Linkbuilding methods.

Internal Linkbuilding

Internal Linkbuilding

While External Linkbuilding involves third party companies Linking to your Site, Internal Linkbuilding refers to the Links on your Sites Landing Pages that lead to other Landing Pages on your Site.

This is the most practical option for you to do as a Small Business owner with not much time. Linkbuilding within your Internal Site can be as simple as creating hyperlinks within your Content to other Landing Pages, or adding Links to similar products on a Product Page.

If you’re worried that you do not have enough landing pages on your Site to worry about Linkbuilding, then start there! If you have a small Website, try breaking your Content into more clearly defined categories then making an individual Landing Page specific to that Content Category. Then build Links within there.

Don’t Fall into Link Stuffing

Don’t Fall into Link Stuffing

Now, we know this is a super easy and effective way to take the reins of SEO on your Site, but don’t fall into the mentality of “the more the better”. This is not the case when it comes to any SEO practice, because it will make your Site look spammy.

Instead, read through your Content or look at your Landing Page and identify where a Link would occur naturally. If it looks and feels natural, then the chances are it will up the general usability of your Site too.

And if it’s easy to use, then Google will love it. As that is essentially the whole point of what Linkbuilding is about anyway. Make it easier for your Customers to navigate your Site, and Google will reward you for it.

Now that you know a bit more about Linkbuilding and how you can do it, have a go! It’s not too hard and should only take a quick few minutes to do.

But if you really don’t have the time, or are looking for more than just Linkbuilding for your SEO, then contact us today!

Our professional team will take you through our SEO Service options and how we can help grow the Customers to your Site organically. Your Online Success starts with SEO today.