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Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration


The Domain Name is the most important part of a Website or Ecommerce Store. It is how you will be found by all your Customers, and becomes part of your Online Branding for your Small Business.

There are lots of different types of Domain Names, and to make sure your Business stays competitive Online you need to make sure you have all relevant Domain Names to your Business pointing towards your Website or Online Store. It is a misconception that just because you own one Domain that your competitors then cannot purchase other similar Domains.

For example, if you own you should also own and any other combinations you can think of. Domain Names can be redirected, so by owning all Domains related to your Business and pointing them to your Site, your protecting yourself and your Business.

You just never know if a competitor might purchase “” and redirect it to “”. The best way to make sure you don’t get caught in this situation is by ensuring your Web Provider also offers Domain Name Management and Registration.

Here at Sites n Stores, we do all the hard work for you. Not only will we register the Domain Name of your choice and re-register it before it expires, but we’ll also think outside the box to make sure you maintain control of your Business Brand Online.

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The Domain Name of your Website or Online Store is crucial to your Business. But what is even more so is making sure you choose the right Domain for Online. Choosing the right Domain means that it is a URL that makes sense to people searching.

Does your Domain Name make sense to what your Business does? Is it relevant? Is it SEO appropriate?

If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, get in touch! We’ve got years of expertise in Domain Name Registration, and can help you decide on the perfect Domain Name for both your Business and Online.

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Domain Name Registration


Normally, when a Domain Name expires it becomes available to purchase by anyone, which is very dangerous to a Small Business. It opens up the possibility that someone could put their Website up under that Domain if they purchase your Domain before you renew it.

Here at Sites n Stores, we make sure you never stress about your Domain Renewal, as we do it for you!

All the hard work is done for you, and no more stress. Just ease of mind knowing your Domain is renewed before it expires without a doubt.

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Domain Name
Domain Names


By doing everything we can! Here at Sites n Stores we have a whole dedicated team of professional IT experts on hand to monitor and manage your Domain Name.

No matter what your requirements, we can assist. For further information on how we can manage your Domain Name, contact us today!

We’ll discuss everything related, and provide the best solutions for your Small Business.

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