Top 5 Logo Trends of 2023

Choosing a logo can be one of the toughest decisions for any Small Business Owner. Do you leave your beloved Small Business’s logo design in the hands of someone who doesn’t know the first thing about your business? Or do you bravely, though perhaps a tad foolishly, attempt to craft your own logo… despite your signature being your proudest artistic achievement?

If the prospect of establishing an attention-grabbing, eye-catching and sales-generating logo is keeping you awake at night, never fear! Here at Sites n Stores we’ve decided to lend you a hand by providing a summary of the 5 biggest and best logo design trends of 2023 to inspire a new logo that speaks to your Customers and represents your brand.

1. Minimalism

1. Minimalism

In an increasingly cluttered world, it seems that people are now beginning to crave some kind of peaceful minimalism amongst the materialistic rubble of our modern society. The phrase ‘less is more’ is making waves in the world of modern logo design trends, with everyone from the biggest fish in the pond to sole traders opting for refreshingly clean and straightforward logo designs in 2023.

Just look at Apple’s simple, omnipresent design. Found on the back of MacBooks and iPhones everywhere, simplicity permeates every facet of their design process, from logo to finished product.

In terms of Small Business success, simpler logos tend to be more easily scalable, meaning you needn’t spend mega bucks getting your logo redesigned or resized when you consider launching on the next big platform.

It also allows you to effectively convey your brand’s message, with your Customers being able to recognise your business and its ideals efficiently.

2. Image and Letter Layering

2. Image and Letter Layering

Do you remember the letter stacking technique of rearranging the letters and wording from your business or tagline so that they are presented above, underneath or alongside each other? This was a logo design technique utilised by everyone from fashion chain stores, right through to health and wellness giants.

When it comes to the latest logo design trends, this definitely influenced the more recent adoption of layering and disappearing text/objects. It gives a dynamic feel, and the illusion of movement, with the elements of the logo combining or disappearing into each other. This optical-illusion vibe can really boost the first impression that your logo has on the viewer, they may be unable to look away!

It’s a rather fun design, but it can also look stylish and professional, depending on your brand’s personality.

Think about your brand and the industry you’re in, does this style suit what your business stands for? Maybe you run a yoga business, and the soft, fading element of this logo trend evokes a relaxing feeling, while adding movement to the design highlights the stretching and body that is synonymous with practising yoga.

Using this motif will help highlight your business’s core values, and looks pretty nice as well!

3. Hand Drawn

3. Hand Drawn

You know how we mentioned your artistic talent going as far as your signature, earlier? It might actually be enough… Hand drawn, painted, scribbles, sketches are some of the latest logo design trends to pop off in 2023. Maybe it’s time to crack out the pencil or paintbrush to do some logo crafting!

By opting for a hand drawn style, you guarantee you won’t be embarrassed at your next trade fair when your competitor turns up with a logo in the same font as yours.

This more natural design technique offers you the chance to distinguish yourself nicely from your competitors if you’re in a field where a lot of geometric or busy styles are used. Besides this differentiation, hand drawn logos can resonate really well for any business where a ‘back-to-basics’ or unpretentious approach is key to your brand message. For example, a Small Business operating in health foods or organic produce could use a hand drawn logo in order to convey a message of being wholesome, pure and natural.

Besides this promotion of a simple, untouched message, hand drawn logos often carry a slice of personality that it’s hard to capture in overly computerised designs. Maintaining a hand drawn logo can help your business maintain that personal feel that so many organisations lose as they grow rapidly.

Express your brand’s individuality, creativity, and showcase your personality. Be gone, boring template designs!

4. Gradient and Vibrant Colours

3. Copywriting to Entice Customers

Just because minimalism is in, doesn’t mean colours can’t still take the stage! As far as logo colour trends goes, the gradient and vibrant approach has become a favourite in 2023.

These memorable features help to refresh a normally dull and flat logo, bringing a dynamic element that catches the eye. It’s an exciting concept that is still simple and pleasing to look at!

Use lines, shapes, shades, layering effects and saturation methods with your logo to create a stunning and striking masterpiece.

If you’re able to maintain the right balance of colour and hues to match your brand’s message, then you’re onto a winner. But be wary of tones that are too bright or intense, you certainly don’t want to blind your target audience! While these vibrant colours might be one of the current logo design trends, muted colours are definitely still a wise choice if your brand’s message speaks to a less overwhelming flash for the eyes.

Don’t be afraid to play around with colour and gradients to see which matches with the energy and core message of your business!

5. Retro

5. Retro

Ah, yes. Nostalgia. While it’s technically tapping into the past, this is one of the prominent new trends in logo design.

Retro and vintage imagery are a keen way to connect with your Customers, as everyone has some kind of reaction to nostalgia. It’s more complex than a minimal logo design, retro designs tell a clear story.

This kind of design will speak to the brand’s credibility, proving that you’ve been around for a while. It can also allow you to add in humour and fun elements using colour and shapes.

Just as fashion is cyclic, logo designs can be as well. Take the Y2K trend, for example! The 1990s and 2000s are back in style for fashion, and we’ve seen it translate into logos.

If you want your brand’s logo to stand out, and make a lasting impact on your Customers, a retro option could be the way to go.

Know Your Market

Know Your Market

The fact that logo trends are, by nature, constantly evolving should always be considered.

Rather than basing your choice on the 2023 logo design trends, you should also try to have a wider think about what exactly will fit your target market and business. Your logo should fit seamlessly into the central message of your brand, and if this means trying something that doesn’t fall under any of these five categories, that’s OK!

Similarly, have a think about what your customers want from a business like yours and try to incorporate that into your logo. If you offer medical services, you’ll want your logo to appear professional and belonging to a trustworthy business. If you own a children’s clothing brand, you’ll want your logo design to be bright, colourful and full of life – like the children you’re supplying clothing to!


Keep your audience in mind and choose a designer who is open to working with you to help customise a logo that best reflects your business and personal brand. After all, no one knows your business like you do!