How to Ensure Your Marketing Strategy is Customer-Centric

Customer-centric marketing? You guessed it, it’s marketing that is all about the Customer. 


If you’re focusing on the Customers, you’re finding out what exactly makes your Customers happy when it comes to your business. What products are they buying? How do they communicate with your brand? What can be done to improve the Customer’s experience? All of these questions focus on, you guessed it again, the Customer!


Forging stronger relationships with your Customers will help turn them from merely buying your products and services to becoming fully-fledged advocates. 


Do you have the desire for your Customers to be your greatest ambassadors? Read on.

Know Your Customers Inside and Out

Know Your Customers Inside and Out

You really can’t begin without first understanding your Customers. What are their interests? What are their likes and dislikes? How do they communicate? What time do they go to sleep at night? OK, maybe you don’t need to know that last one. 

But you get the gist, there’s no point even beginning your strategy without complete Customer knowledge! It’s a key aspect of your planning and allows you to relate to your target audience.   

There are a few ways you can gain deeper insight into your Customers. The first being surveys. 

Where possible, send out surveys to your current clients. Ask questions and get feedback on your products and services. Where can you improve as a business? What do they enjoy about your offerings? What are the benefits? How do they interact with your brand? 

You can also conduct interviews with your Customers asking similar questions. This way you’ll receive in-depth answers. This method is also beneficial with former clients, giving you the opportunity to query why they left and what you could have done differently to keep them as a client.  

Don’t forget about monitoring the platforms you already connect with your Customers on! Continuously check your Social Media to see reactions and thoughts on anything relating to your brand. Same goes for the data you’re able to collect on any analytical tool you possess, make sure you’re tracking your Customers’ behaviour.  

If you’re on top of understanding your Customers, you can be assured that the next steps in your Customer-centric marketing campaign will be thoroughly bolstered.

Get Your Team Involved

Get Your Team Involved

There’s more to boosting your marketing efforts than just planning within the main marketing team. Your whole team needs to be involved. 

Every department should be across their role with Customers, to ensure that it’s a smooth customer journey.

Your fellow colleagues should also be gathering Customer feedback and data during their regular work. For example, the sales team will often obtain insight into what Customers are looking for and why they might be turning your brand down. Your Social Media and content experts will most likely be monitoring your platforms and responding to enquiries, questions and complaints. 

All of this is useful in not only gaining an even stronger understanding of your Customer, but also by recognising the journey they go through within the company. It assists in fully grasping their experience with your brand and also connecting to a seamless strategy.

Create Appeal at Every Touchpoint

How Do I Proceed?

No matter when in the journey your Customer is at, your highest priority is making that touchpoint valuable to them.

And this doubles for what they’re interacting with. Remember how you got your whole team involved and across the marketing strategy earlier? This is where it comes into play. Whether the Customers are communicating via Social Media or chatting to your sales team, we need to consistently spark engagement that they find valuable and overall, pleasing. 

Go back to what you’ve learnt about the Customer, what are their likes and dislikes? What are their pain points? Help them and make them happy!    

If your Customers are seamlessly and joyously moving through the sales journey, you’re doing something right. They will be converting, and becoming even stronger promoters for your business, putting your brand name out there and more money in your pocket.