Who is Sites n Stores? Let us Introduce Ourselves!

Who is Sites n Stores? We can answer that question, it’s about us after all.

Hello! We are pleased to meet you and we hope that you will be pleased to meet us as well! We offer Small Business Owners affordable, high-quality, Custom Designed Websites, eCommerce Sites, and Foundational Digital Marketing, along with Copywriting services to bring their business to the next level!

We’ll try to be modest, but sometimes it's hard, we’ve built over 13,000 Websites, that’s something to be proud of right? We’ve also helped thousands of Small Business Owners grow their brands online, helping them to expand their customer base and business, and we don’t think we need to tell you that Small Business Owners are going to be pleased with that outcome.

How Did We Get Here?

How Did We Get Here?

So all of those achievements are great, but you’re probably wondering how long we’ve been around, we didn’t just pop out of nowhere did we? So, it’s time for a quick history lesson! Not your favourite subject? Don’t worry, we promise our class is fun!

It's been so long that we don’t really know where to start, we’ve been around for fifteen years after all, goodness we feel old! So, let’s see, once upon a time… No. we’re not doing that, let’s just jump into it.

We started out from humble beginnings, it's cliche but true. In 2008 our small team of web designers began working from a small, cramped Melbourne office. However, the office size couldn’t stifle our creativity and certainly didn’t stop our vision being born.

We knew that we wanted to establish an innovative and unique web development company that was unparalleled when compared to any other Australian business in that field and to just throw our humbleness out the window again, we think we’ve achieved that goal.

What Services do we Offer?

What Services do we Offer?

We’re glad you asked! We love talking about ourselves, wait, we mean we love talking about our services.

Whether you want us to build a Website or an Online Store, write your content, create a logo, or market your business using Google, we've done it all so many times that it's just like breathing to. We’ve got experts in each division who we believe are better at it than anyone! Oh, whoops, looks like our humbleness went out the window again…


When it comes to websites we definitely know what we’re doing, it's our bread and butter, we’ve been doing it for fifteen years after all! At Sites n Stores we don’t believe in pre-designed templates, we want the very best, which is why we custom design all of our customers’ websites to perfection to suit the look they want at the price they need!

Online Stores:

It seems like everyone is doing their shopping online nowadays, which is why the world of E-commerce has truly skyrocketed. We’ll make sure you don’t get left behind! Having built thousands of E-commerce sites we know how to get your business online as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Website Optimisation:

This is one of our core skills, we use advanced strategies to provide hundreds of clients improved website performance, more traffic, and increased conversions.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

If you want to keep up with the business world of today then you need to be participating in Google Pay Per Click, it is the most important lead generation tool in the world in our not so humble opinion. We are dedicated to bringing our clients into the future of business with this tool and believe in it so much that we also use it, need proof? Google us and see!

Logo Designs:

Business’ needs logos, there’s no argument there. Whatever logo a business needs we can provide while still ensuring cost effective pricing.


You’ve probably got a lot to say about your business, but you can’t just write anything. What you write on your website, blog, and social media is so important, trust us people have very small attention spans these days, so you need words that sell and that’s where we come in!

Social Media:

Social Media seems to be the most prevalent thing in the world nowadays, however quite a lot of people don’t really seem to understand it, but we do! We know just which platforms to use and which are the most relevant to our customers' businesses.

Goodness, we’re tired now after talking about all those services, we don’t even think we knew we provided that many!

Why Should You Choose us?

Why Should You Choose us?

Should this question really be asked of us? We might be a bit biased when answering this one, but you know what, we believe in ourselves and we know exactly why we are the best option to grow your business online!

With fifteen years of experience in the industry, Sites n Stores is one of Australia’s leading professional Web Design companies for Small Business Owners.

But we provide more than just high quality products and services, we champion our clients success, if business growth was a racetrack we’d be cheering from the sidelines like embarrassing parents at a school athletics day!

Additionally, we cultivate trusting and open relationships with all of our clients, ensuring that they are able to make informed decisions and that our team never persuades our clients into anything they don’t need or can’t afford, that’s not how things are done in our part of town!

Contact us Today!

Contact us Today!

If you’re a Small Business in need of professional Website design, email hosting, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, or other digital services at Small Business pricing and believe in us just as much as we believe in ourselves, then give us a call! Oh goodness, we hope we didn’t sound too much like a desperate teenager in need of a date just now.


Anyway, get in touch with us! We can’t wait to meet you (we’re sure you’re great) and start building the website of your dreams that both you and your business deserve!