Social Media Trends to Engage and Enlighten Your Audience

There’s no doubt the pandemic has shifted how we market and present our brand, and Social Media has really taken off as fast as a rocket during these unprecedented times!

According to a CMO survey, Social Media spend rose by 74% during COVID-19, with marketers focusing their efforts on trends aimed at engaging and exciting their audience while most are stuck or spending more time at home.

Not only did marketers pour more spend into Social Media, but new trends emerged and continue to dominate the platforms. We’ve done our research and have collated the trends that are taking over and engaging your audience right now. Make sure you’re not left behind!

The Rise of Gen Z

The Rise of Gen Z

We’re sure you’re no stranger to Gen Z. The generation that grew up with technology and Social Media at their fingertips, they are well versed in most Social Media platforms and are a key demographic for marketing on these channels.

But they behave differently to other generations you may be used to marketing towards. Your content is going to have to reflect their values and taste, of which there are many.

Gen Z have strong opinions and a profound connection to what they consume, and this translates to how they view brands. They often expect brands to contribute to society in some way and desire more cultural and gender diversity in the ads and marketing they come across.

How Gen Z acts and reacts to marketing is something extremely important to consider when targeting this audience, and it’s key to keep an eye on them as they move towards becoming a larger demographic with more disposable income and powerful opinions.

Influencer Power

Influencers are the star power of our current Social Media landscape. With their large audiences and big reach, brands and marketers are latching onto their immense power to extend their brand awareness and sell their products to the audience of their choice.

When you have a clear understanding of your audience, sourcing an influencer that connects with your targets is well worth investing in. There are a plethora of influencers and micro-influencers you can join forces with who will promote your business to their follower base, giving you the opportunity to gain more brand awareness and put you at the forefront of your target audiences’ mind.

TikTok Taking Over

We did mention Gen Z earlier, and something that is on their radar is the powerhouse TikTok.

With huge growth in 2020 and 2021, the video-sharing platform has a vast amount of users spending up to hours per day on the app. This opens up the opportunity for paid advertising, not to mention the ability to connect with your target audience through influencers that create content on the platform. (Hint, hint, Gen Z absolutely love TikTok)

Connect With Empathy

Just as Gen Z tends to expect brands to be socially aware and responsible for connecting to society, brands have really stepped up in trying their best to associate and empathise with their audience.

It’s been a tough time for everyone, and brands have been recognising this, talking directly to their audience by using humour and appealing personally to their needs during this tough time.

Your audience wants to feel like you’re a real person, not just a cold, dead-inside business. As lame as it sounds, “we’re all in this together”, and your audience wants to know you’re here with them, understanding what they’re going through.

This can mean creating content with humour to brighten their mood, asking questions targeted specifically to your audience, and just generally relaying that you recognise what it’s been like the past couple of years. You have a heart just like they do!

Of course, trends are adapting and changing constantly. You’ll need to continue to monitor and keep up with how the Social Media industry is altering its shape as we weave in and out of a global pandemic.

If you follow the above trends, you’re well on your way to connecting with the current content ideas that are sweeping Social Media, thus connecting with your target audience and getting your brand out there.