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What Is Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of utilising Written Text for the purpose of Advertising Online. The text is written as a form of Marketing aimed to help Small Businesses build their Brand Online. Traditionally, Copywriting was known as “Sales Copy”, or “Content that Sells”.

Website Copywriting is purposefully written content for Website Landing Pages, Product Descriptions and even Blogs. This form of Copywriting is creatively written for the Online World, and consider the Websites Customers when writing the content. As Website Copywriting is written specifically for the internet, it is also written in a way that is optimised for Search Engines. This technique helps Search Engines index your site, and present it to relevant Customers in your Industry, and is also known as Search Engine Optimisation.

Other key areas of focus in Copywriting Services include Newsletter Writing, Social Media Content, Blog Writing, Email Marketing Content, Online Advertisements and Product Descriptions. Anything content that your Customer sees on your Website is essentially Copywriting, and is the perfect opportunity to Sell them into your Services.

If your Small Business is in need of some Sales Copywriting, contact us today. We can create the ultimate Advertising Copy that will help your Products and Services immensely. Never underestimate the power of words, especially when it comes to Advertising Online!

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Copywriting is not merely Writing Content and putting it up Online. Instead, Copywriting involves conducting extensive research to generate driven results for your Small Business. Copywriting involves Research, Writing, Editing and Managing the buying decision of your Customers.

Every word is carefully considered, placed and used to perform an action – all the benefit of your Small Business. Copywriting involves understanding your Small Business on a deep level, and helping put its best foot forward Online.

The reason you should pay for Copywriting is for the expertise of all these factors. An experienced Copywriter will create the perfect content to benefit your Small Business and get you noticed by the right Customers.

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Absolutely! Copywriting for Ecommerce Stores is incredibly beneficial and is an absolute must. Optimising Product Descriptions with SEO key phrases is a unique and creative way to help your Online Products get noticed and get more Customers viewing them.

By writing SEO Content for your Product Descriptions, Search Engines will understand what your Products are about better and will present them more often to relevant ready to buy Customers.

By not investing in Sales Copy for your Ecommerce Store, you’re selling your Small Business and Products short, especially against your larger competition. Stay ahead of the game and invest in Copy that sells.

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Creating Copywriting that works takes time and expertise. Here at Sites n Stores, our team of expert Marketing Copywriters know how to write words that sell. Our Copywriting Service helps craft content that will get your Business standing out Online.

Save yourself some time and let our proficient Copywriters write your Website Copywriting for you. Start engaging with the Customers that land on your Site with Copywriting from Sites n Stores. We’re experts in our Industry, and know how to strategise your Content to work for your Industry. No matter how Small your Business, or if you own a Website or Ecommerce Store, Copywriting Services can benefit you. To learn more on how we can produce the Ultimate Sales Content for your Small Business, contact us today! No matter the industry, or how niche your Business is, our Copywriters are ready to help.

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