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The fastest way to boost leads and increase sales is by setting up a Google Ads campaign with all the bells and whistles. So what is a Google Ads campaign? It all stays with Pay Per Click (PPC), which is a form of paid advertisement through Google itself.

This brilliant form of advertisement is much like Search Engine Optimisation with its use of keywords, except that instead of spending time rising through the search ranks,

Google Adwords campaigns let you bid on specific keywords. This means you have instant access to relevant customers in the hot seat ready to purchase your services!

With Google Adwords your Website or Ecommerce Store ends up smack bang right in front of potential customers, which means more Leads, more Sales and more Customers for your Business!

And we do all the hard work, setting up a dynamic Adwords Campaign on keywords and research specific to your Small Business.

Here at Sites n Stores, we conduct thorough research to completely customise your campaign so that you get the most out of Adwords! Your Small Business is distinctive and unique, which means you need an Adwords Campaign to match

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When Sites n Stores was first founded in 2008, we literally began our Online Marketing with a Google Adwords Campaign. From there we have grown to where we are today, and it was all due to that first initial PPC Campaign.

It is from this experience that we've grown and developed the skills to help Small Businesses scale Online through a Google Ads Campaign. Our expertise has helped thousands achieve Online Marketing Success,

and we continue to do so through our unique techniques and passion for Small Business!


We setup your Google Adwords Campaign using our own Conversion Optimisation Techniques. By conducting extensive research unique to your Business and Industry,

we Optimise every level of the ad to make sure you appear right in front of relevant Customers. There’s no point in being on the top of Google's Search Results when you’re not appearing to the right people!

So we make sure you appear for relevant Search Terms and gain Relevant Customers. We put in the hard yards to make sure traffic that lands to your Site is relevant, ready and with cash in hand!

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We recommend Google Adwords to everyone. No matter your Industry, or your budget, it is the best place for Small Business Owners to start Marketing Online.

It is the fastest method of Online Marketing to generate ROI, and has easily customisable fields that leave YOU in control.

Want to appear to a certain demographic? Or maybe in a particular place or time? Well, we can do it! Our Custom Online Marketing Services involve making sure your Campaign is setup completely to your requirements, driving the best people to your site with a higher chance of buying.

Getting more sales from relevant clients starts with a Google Adwords Campaign today