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Whilst not named after the common cold, Coffs Harbour is well known for its many national parks and the Big Banana Monument. The region is often called The Banana Coast, but as a Small Business Owner, you want to see less Vitamin C and more Online Success.

Thankfully, there’s no monkey Business when it comes to our Experts at Sites n Stores. We’ve been helping Small Business Owners achieve Online Success since 2008. We bring Customised Digital Marketing Services at an Affordable price to all Small Business Owners around Australia. If you want an Online Store Developed or a new Digital Marketing Campaign give us a call and we’ll help Scale your Small Business Online.

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Implementing organic Marketing Campaigns can be cheap relative to Paid Search Campaigns. But, there are factors to consider that make a Paid Search Platform better for ROI. Seasonal changes, holidays and market shifts can all play a role in helping or hindering any Digital Marketing Campaign.

The most common Paid Search Platform is through Google Adwords. Otherwise known as Pay Per Click (PPC) it involves placing your Small Businesses Ad at the top and bottom of relevant search results on Google. A PPC Campaign will let you target keywords and search queries so that you can get your Ads to relevant Customers.

A Paid Search Campaign is effective because of the ability to Customise almost everything about the campaign. As a Small Business Owner you will have complete control over your budget, the keywords you want to target, along with when and where you want your Ads to appear. This will give you guaranteed results and bring More Customers, More Leads and More Sales to your Small Business!

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Website Design  Coffs Harbour

Small Businesses deserve a fair playing field when it comes to Digital Marketing. Many big Marketing Agencies will try to rip off Small Business Owners and charge thousands for “exclusive” Services. But in today’s Digital Landscape that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sites n Stores offer Digital Marketing Solutions at an Affordable Price geared towards Small Business Owners. We believe Small Businesses matter and you deserve the very best at a competitive price. Give us a call and we’ll find the best Solution for your Small Businesses.

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