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Framed by coastal rock pools, the forest trails of Mt. Kiera and the rocky cliffs of the Illawarra mountain rage, Wollongong is the perfect place for any Small Business Owner to establish and run the Business of their dreams. But what you don’t want to worry about the huge fees piling up from overcharging Digital Marketing Companies.

Since 2008, Sites n Stores has been dedicated to helping our Small Business Owners achieve Online Success by providing Services at an Affordable Price to suit every budget. We understand that establishing, managing and running a Small Business is stressful, so we’ve made it our mission to help alleviate your stress – not add to it!

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One of the best ways to increase Leads and get Customers to your Website is through a Google Adwords Campaign. This involves using a paid Service called Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC is the ads at the top and bottom of your search results on Google, and be honest, you probably didn’t even realise they were ads, did you?

Google Adwords is an excellent opportunity to get instant access to specific keywords and ultimately the right Customers for your Small Business. PPC works for any Industry whether it’s health care, retail or even construction. It’s a fast and guaranteed way of securing traffic to your Website for new and old Businesses alike.

But Customers won’t just come from Google; Social Media plays a huge role in the Digital Marketing Landscape nowadays. Facebook can be an important way consumers engage with a Business’s Brand.  Some people may choose to do this by liking a Social Media Page and staying updated on news, while others might engage in product discussions through comments on Social Media posts. It is a very effective way of connecting people to your Brand and Business. And that’s why a planned Social Media Marketing Strategy can be critical to achieving Online Success! If you have any questions about the Services we offer, give us a call and let’s discuss this opportunity with you.

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Google Adwords Wollongong

Digital Marketing can be a tricky slope to traverse, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. So why not trust someone who has walked the same path as you? Take a look through our Website and see the full potential Sites n Stores can offer your Small Business!

Sites n Stores is passionate about helping Small Businesses find Online Success. We’ve been using Digital Marketing since 2008 and started ourselves as a Small Business. But because of this, we know exactly what it takes to Scale Online and compete against some of the biggest names in our Industry. And that’s why as a Small Business Owner you don’t have to do this alone. We have a team of Experts ready to help you find your Online Success today!

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