Who we are

Our Story

Sites n Stores was born from humble beginnings, starting life as a small team of website designers in Melbourne in 2008. It was from here, crammed into a tiny, dingy, office that company Founder Drew Doolan established his vision: a web development company so unique and innovative in its offerings, that it would be incomparable to any other Australian business.

From modest beginnings, Sites n Stores has grown into one of Australia’s leading professional web design companies for Small Business Owners and is fulfilling its overarching mission: “To Simplify Small Business Success”.

We do this by offering Australian Small Business Owners affordable, high-quality, custom web design (among other things). From custom website designs to ecommerce and digital marketing services, our team of professional website designers have the expertise needed to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of digital business solutions.

We have created more than 13,000 websites for our many happy customers.

Each day, as a strong and united organisation, we strive to better ourselves and the business, in order to give our current and prospective clients products and services that are, ultimately, worthy of being Australia’s best. And with our sights set on international expansion, these goals have now been elevated to a global level.

Sites n Stores was built to be a web development company based on a fair exchange, that championed Small Business Owners, rather than oppressing them. From the outset, it has been our intention to look out for each and every one of our clients. And not just clients we already have, but potential clients, too.

We want to ensure that they have access to all the information and knowledge they need in order to make calculated and informed choices that would best suit their business. This notion is still ingrained within Sites n Stores to this day, helping the business to forge close, trusting and open relationships with all our clients.

Innovation and creative thought are part of Sites n Stores’ genetic makeup, making it entirely original and unique to any other business in the world. We are innovators, storytellers, dreamers, makers, wish-granters, designers and authors.

Our drive, passion and skills allow us to create digital worlds for our clients, share their unique stories online and help them grow in ways they never thought possible.

After close communication and assessment of the client’s unique business, a Sales Executive deems which of our services will offer them the greatest benefits and will likely see them gaining the best return on their investment we can offer.

Our team will never sell our clients into anything they don’t need or can’t afford – that’s not how we do business.

In turn, this mutual honesty and respect allows us to forge strong and lasting relationships with our Small Business clients, who can genuinely identify our passion for championing their success.

If you’re a Small Business in need of professional website designs, email hosting, digital marketing, or other digital services at Small Business pricing, give us a call.


Our Values

At Sites n Stores, values are an integral part of the business’s daily functioning and they underpin everything we do. The business has always had a firm sense of self, with strong guiding values, mission and purpose. These three pillars are what guide the business, and its staff, in how we act towards each other and our clients. From the very moment your relationship with us begins, our interactions are governed by 11 core values:

  • We believe in a fair exchange
  • We strive to be fully self-expressed
  • We believe it’s possible to do better than your best
  • We have unconditional positive regard
  • We empower through simplicity
  • We are open, honest and transparent in all our dealings
  • We don’t bring our ego to work
  • We are on time every time
  • We work together with passion
  • We face challenges with optimism and humour
  • We celebrate success

These values feature heavily within the day to day functioning of the business. For example, “We believe in a fair exchange” and “We are open, honest and transparent in all our dealings” are upheld in their entirety within our sales process.