Striking a killer first impression is what it’s all about, especially in the Digital Marketing World. So if your Website looks, well… bleh, you’re probably losing customers by the bucket loads.

If you’re Website is bland and just generally boring, it’s time to step it up! It’s way too easy for customers to click back and choose your competitors for you to be selling your Business short with an outdated lacklustre Website.

Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to ramp up your game and get ahead of your online competition! And here are 6 fantastic ways to do just that

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Get An Upgrade

How old is your website? 1 year? Maybe even 2, or 5? If you are beginning to ask the question “is it time to upgrade my website?” then it absolutely is!

We live in a Digital Age, and the unfortunate side of this is that things are constantly improving and shifting faster and faster. New trends emerge and new Digital Marketing Strategies pop up everywhere.

If you’re website was built years ago and has never been touched, chances are it is now severely outdated. Getting an overhaul on your website is definitely the ideal option for you, as it will improve numerous elements of your website that you would have never even considered.

A brand new shiny Website will have increased customer usability, with faster load times and appealing designs. Not only that, Google rewards websites that are updated regularly by ranking them higher in search results, especially if they have quick load times!

So, now you need to ask, is it time your Business upgraded its Website?

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Make it Responsive

You’d be hard pressed to find a Business that doesn’t have a Website in the Modern Digital World. However, simply having a Website doesn’t mean you’re representing your Business properly.

These days, 62% of people access Websites and Ecommerce Stores through their mobile phones on the go. If your Website does not have responsive mobile compatibility, then your Website will look utterly horrible to these potential customers.

The aesthetics of your website severely influence the customer’s decision to purchase from you, so if your website appears broken or doesn’t work on their phone then they’re likely to choose your competitor instead.

Making sure your Website or Ecommerce Store is mobile responsive is a guaranteed way to take your website from bland to bam, especially in terms of increased conversion rates! Upgrade and make your site responsive today!

Get it Made by Professionals

Get it Made by Professionals

Nothing substitutes the work of trained professionals with years of experience in their field. As a Small Business owner, this is apparent within your own industry, and it is exactly the same when building a Website.

If your old Website or Ecommerce Store just isn’t cutting it anymore, get it rebuilt! But make sure not just anyone builds your website, trust professionals like ours at Sites n Stores to take care of the highly technical backend.

Additionally, know the difference between Template and Custom Design! Custom Design is the ultimate way to get more bang for your buck, especially when transforming your Business’s Website into something truly magnificent!

Make Sure the Design is Impressive

Make Sure the Design is Impressive

Design has way more influence over the decision process for a customer than you could ever realise. The choice of colour, font and even the placement of images can aid in developing trust in your potential customers mind, and establishing yourself as an authority within your industry.

By hiring the services of a professional Graphic Designer, you will aid in revamping your site to make it the best it possibly can. The professional Design Team here at Sites n Stores specialises in optimising Small Business Websites to make them stand out through Custom Design.

 Invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC)

Invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC)

These highly powerful tools are the absolute backbone of any website. While they are similar in principle, SEO and PPC operate differently to generate more leads for your Website through Google’s rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an organic method of gaining natural Google rankings by implementing ‘keywords’ throughout your Website’s front and back end.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a paid method of Google advertising where you pay for certain keywords to rank once they are typed in. This strategy runs through a budget method and is highly effective for start-up Businesses and new Websites alike.

When both SEO and PPC are combined, they form a hugely successful Digital Marketing Strategyover both a long period of time and instantaneously. To breathe life back into your stagnant Website, investing in SEO and PPC is the ultimate Small Business Success strategy when it comes to the Online World.

Continuously Update

Continuously Update

Don’t just set it up and leave it! This is the worst thing that you can do for your Business’s Website as it unintentionally sends the message that you just don’t care.

If your Website contains an old address, outdated copywriting or even a neglected blog, customers will lose trust in you. For example, if you accessed a Website that was ranting about how great the new IPhone 5 is, you would immediately dismiss them as untrustworthy and outdated. So make sure you’re not doing the same!

Additionally, Google loves Websites that refresh their content. So updating the images or copywriting every 3-6 months will help with your SEO rankings, and see you moving to new heights in the Digital Marketing World.

As a Small Business owner, it can be hard to find the time to rewrite your Website Landing Pages, or to write a new Blog Post. Luckily, there are services that exist to help you manage these elements of your busy life. And we offer them here at Sites n Stores! Let us write your product descriptions or blog posts, or even all the copy of your Website! You won’t believe the difference it will make.

Hopefully by now you can see the tremendous amounts of benefits that updating your website can have. Don’t get left behind in the Digital Marketing rat-race, and overhaul your site today!

We have an awesome range of Websiteand Ecommerce Store options available to set you, the Small Business Owner, on the right track in the Online World. Give us a call today and we’ll show you some of the best of the best sites we’ve built over the 9 years we’ve operated as a Business.