4 Tips to Create a User-Friendly Website

4 Tips to Create a User-Friendly Website

We’re assuming if you are reading this blog then you have a Small Business, and that your Small Business has a Website. But the real question is, is it a user-friendly Website? If it’s not, you may as well throw it out! We’re serious. A non user-friendly Website means just about as much to your business than having no Website at all.


Why, you may ask? People are impatient, that's why! They are not going to sit around trying to figure out how your Website works, they’ve got things to do! If they can’t figure it out immediately they’ll quit and, boom, you’ve just lost a Customer.


OK, we think our flair for the dramatic has probably convinced you why a user-friendly Website is so important, but now you’re probably asking how you can create one. Well, you’re in luck! Not to brag, but this is our expertise, and we’re here to show you how you can create a fantastic user-friendly Website for your Small Business and your Customers.


Simplify Navigation

Reach an Active Audience

People always want to get where they need to be quickly, and it is no different when they visit your Website. A clear and intuitive Website navigation is crucial for guiding visitors to their desired destinations quickly


To achieve this, you need a menu structure with clear headings and subheadings that is consistent across all pages. Also make sure not to overwhelm your visitors, keep it simple, they don’t need a million different options to get lost in, only the necessary ones.


Along with a menu, if your Website has a substantial amount of content or a wide range of products, you should also add a search function. This ensures that all your Customers need to do is type in what they need, hit enter, and voilà, they are right where they need to be!

Optimise for Mobile Devices

Niche Community Engagement

This one should be obvious, but you’d be surprised just how overlooked it is. Everyone is on their smartphones nowadays, which means they are shopping, Google searching, and most importantly, looking at your Website on their phones.


That’s why Mobile optimisation for your Website is non-negotiable. You need it to gain Customers who are always on their phones, which, as previously stated, is just about everybody!


Ensuring that your Website is responsive, automatically adjusts to different screen sizes, and provides a seamless user experience on all devices, will help it rank higher in Search Engine Results and cater to the needs of a broader audience.

Prioritise Page Speed

Prioritise Page Speed

As we’ve previously mentioned, people are busy and impatient, they don’t like to wait for things, and that includes your Website! If your Website is slow-loading, it will lead to high bounce rates and dissatisfied visitors, ultimately losing you Customers and sales. 

But don’t worry, you can overcome the evil that is a slow-loading Website through optimisation! Compressing images, using browser caching, and reducing unnecessary plugins will improve speed, ultimately improving user experience and boosting Search Engine Rankings

Monitor User Behaviour

Monitor User Behaviour

This is the last step, and it may be the most crucial. You can’t just implement the previous three steps and abandon your Website to fend for itself, all alone in the big Online world, you need to monitor it so it can adapt and thrive!


Use Website analytics tools to monitor user behaviour, such as page views, bounce rates, and time spent on the Site. Analysing this data helps identify areas for improvement and allows you to make data-driven decisions to enhance user experience and keep your Customers flocking back for more!


Well, there you have it. Our experience in this field really knows no bounds, and we’ve just shared all our valuable knowledge with you, for free no less! Follow our expert tips and your Customers will be flocking to your user-friendly Website in no time. Just make sure to mention where you got your skills…