3 Biggest Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

A successful Site is one that performs. You need it to bring in Customers, quality traffic, engage with your audience and establish your brand’s credibility.

But all of this hinges on how your Site is designed. A hole that businesses tend to fall into when they’re developing a Website, is that they’re underestimating the importance of the content. Red flag alert!

Content is made up of all parts of a Site, from the copy to the images and even the Web pages themselves. It can be a lot to wrap your head around! But in this Blog we’re going to build up your strengths by pointing out your weaknesses. Just picture a montage of us as your esteemed teacher, giving you valuable lessons as you read over the next 3 points.

Not Considering Functionality and Development

Not Considering Functionality and Development

We are fairly certain that the first thing that comes to your mind when visualising the ideal Website is beautiful colours, lovely images and stunning optical pleasure. But look here, you wonderful Small Business Owner you, we can tell you with total confidence that being pretty isn’t everything! It’s certainly important, but not if it means you’re ignoring the functionality of your Site and making sure it all clicks. Beauty is nothing without substance!

You’ll need to get your thinking cap on and consider aspects like, is it mobile-friendly? Can it rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)? Is the functionality seamless? Can Customers navigate the Site with ease? Are there calls to action (CTA)?

Yes, my friend, lots of areas to focus on! If you’re not on top of this, it means you can all but say, ‘bye bye’ to those lovely Customers.

Working on Copy and Design Separately

Working on Copy and Design Separately

Yes, Copywriting and Design may be two separate entities, but they actually go hand in hand when you’re putting it all together for your Site.

Contemplating the length of the copy is key, as it will be the deciding factor on the size of certain images or how the page templates will function for the Site. This is why your Design and Copy team should collaborate closely together so you can plan appropriately.

Copywriters and Designers both bring different skills to the table. If you let the Designers go absolutely wild and create as they desire, you’ll risk boxing in your Copy. And the same goes the other way, if you Copywriter writes a long winded narrative about your business, it may mean the Design is going to get cut.

Both of these experienced professionals deserve a chance to shine on your Site! You’ve got a winning formula if you can harness both areas of expertise onto your Website.

Not Having Website Optimisation Goals and Post Launch Plans

Not Having Website Optimisation Goals and Post Launch Plans

You did it! Your Site is up, you contemplated the areas we pointed out, it’s alluring AND effective. We’re about to give you a standing ovation, but hold on… you can’t exactly just create the perfect Site and leave it at that.

We’re sorry to break it to you, but there is some additional care involved. You’re going to have to set some goals and make some plans for the future.

Analytical goals for your Site such as capitalising on SEO, PPC and other tools for Website optimisation are going to help draw those Customers in. Keep an eye on these at all times, as it’s as changeable as a chameleon.

As time runs away from you, it’s imperative that you’re able to change the content on your Site easily. Being able to edit pages and manage your Website is going to save you time and precious dollars.


Design, copy, goals, Website optimisation. It all connects to make your Site the ideal Customer magnet. The Digital world is always shifting, so manage your Site accordingly and avoid these mistakes!