4 Tips on How to Keep Your Site Fresh

Your Site is the beating heart of your business. It’s a reflection of your brand and something you’re most likely pouring a significant amount of money into.

And rightly so! It’s driving traffic, expanding your Online presence, and is where many Customers are judging and perusing your wares/services.

A Site that works once, isn’t going to work forever. You are going to have to be updating your Website rather often to stay on trend and continue to yield profit.

So it’s a no-brainer that keeping it up to date and innovative is something you absolutely cannot sleep on! It’s time to wake up, and we’re here to help give you a cheeky jolt.

Delicious Design

Delicious Design

Could your Site use a facelift? We may not know a lot about fashion, but we DO know a lot about Sites, and just as fashion trends change, Site design trends are constantly fluctuating.

It may be considered rude, but your Customers are definitely judging your brand by its cover. And if that cover hasn’t been changed for 5 years, you could very well be in need of an upgrade. According to Google, 50% of Customers leave a Website after just 15 seconds. And naturally, those Customers will be heading straight to a competitor. Yikes!

A total overhaul of your Website could be an option if you think it’s looking glum, but if you believe your Site just needs a few tweaks, there’s the option to make minor changes every so often to stay relevant.

Focus on colours, fonts, shapes and style. And yes, go suss out the competition! We dare you.

Make It Easy to Use

Make It Easy to Use

The amount of Customers shopping Online is MASSIVE! But they’re not only purchasing via a Desktop Computer, Mobile is fast becoming the preferred method.

If your Site isn’t mobile friendly, trust us, that Customer is going to be heading straight to a competitor.

Fast loading times are essential too, Google even rewards Sites that load quickly, often placing them higher up in the results pages (cha-ching!). The Customer will thank you for that too.

If your Site is easy to navigate and use for the Customer, you’re not only giving them an optimum user experience, but you’re appearing as a professional business that they can trust.

Invest to Boost Business

Invest to Boost Business

You’ve got to stay ‘hip’! And staying hip does mean you should be connecting to Social Media. You can connect your Social Media platforms to your Site, integrating them as another tool. It will add a personal element to your Website, and you can share all of your cute, little dog photos from Instagram (just kidding, we don’t recommend you do that).

There are also some sneaky, behind-the-scenes tools you can invest in! Pay Per Click and Website Optimisation are the big wigs in Digital Marketing, both offering you ways to increase Customer traffic and presence. So many businesses are getting in on this, we recommend doing some research to decide if you want to dive in and do the same.

Content Counts

Content Counts

Yes, we know the design and technical aspects we’ve discussed are an important aspect of your Site, but you can’t ignore the content that is present on your pages.

It has to be engaging, delivering your brand's message and swaying Customers to buy. But just like all other areas of your Site, it needs to be updated regularly to stay applicable to your business and what it stands for.

If you struggle with writing, hiring a copywriter to take care of it could be a wise move. Not only will they be able to weave their magic through words, they’ll also be able to include key phrases and keywords to ensure Google loves your content, giving your Site a boost in the SERPs.

Continue to keep your target market engaged and stay in touch with your audience’s needs and wants, and if you can afford it, hire an expert to do it for you!

As you may have realised, the main message is to keep updating! The Online landscape is continually changing, and it’s up to you to stay abreast of these trends and update your Site accordingly. Use these tips to identify which area of your Website could use a once over and continue to attract those Customers!