4 Ways Meta’s Threads Can Boost Your Small Business

4 Ways Meta's Threads Can Boost Your Small Business

Meta’s Threads has been everywhere since its launch last month. It is currently number one in Social Media on the app store, and has set the record for the fastest app to suge past 150 million downloads, much to the disdain of another certain Social Media platform, we are sure…


It’s inescapable, it seems like no one is immune from talking about it, and yes, that does now include us. We can’t help it, we love a bit of gossip!


But have you been thinking about how the rise of this new Social Media can benefit your business? Well we have, that’s why we’re here, not to just jump onto the current trend, although we’ll be honest, there is a bit of that, but to showcase all the benefits your business is missing out on by not participating in Meta’s hot new platform.

Reach an Active Audience

Reach an Active Audience

Threads is a fresh face on the Social Media scene, meaning that you can reach people who have grown tired of the other big Social Media platforms

While many of these people may have accounts on the other leading Social Media sites, that does not mean that they are actively using them or plan to in the future. 


There is a reason for this, not only do people get bored with something they’ve been using for so long, they also get frustrated with the changes, or lack of changes that the platforms implement. It seems like the people that haven’t given up on the platforms entirely only use them to complain about them, instead of actually engaging with anyone or anything. It's like going to a family gathering just to complain about how much you hate everyone. 


Since Threads is so new, people haven’t had time to get frustrated or bored with it yet, meaning that they will be actively engaged in the conversations that are happening on the app instead of just posting about how much they hate the platform or not using it altogether. 


This means that the content that you post from your business’ Threads account is likely to reach an active audience that will engage with it  than if it was posted on your other Social Media platforms. This active audience is also more likely to listen to your calls to action such as visiting your Website or buying products from your eCommerce store, and any increased business for you is a win in our book!

Niche Community Engagement

Niche Community Engagement

The Threads app has a focus on niche communities where like-minded individuals can connect and discuss their interests. This presents a new opportunity for your business to engage directly with your specific target audience.


However, you can’t just jump on the app and randomly start talking to people, that might make you seem a bit odd. Engage with people in niche communities relevant to your industry and business to build meaningful relationships with potential Customers who are genuinely interested in your products and services. 


This will lead to your brand growing its own community on the app, resulting in a larger Customer base and increased business. Isn’t it nice when Social Media brings people together instead of causing them to argue? Engaging in conversations in these communities by providing valuable insights, tips, and advice can also help you to build brand authority and establish your Small Business as an industry leader, gaining you the respect of your target market.

Opportunities to be Relatable and Fun

Opportunities to be Relatable and Fun

While focussing on important industry and business topics is essential for a business on Social Media, that doesn’t mean you need to be serious all the time on Threads. There’s a new Social Media platform to play with, it’s exciting, so have fun!


Being active on Threads does not require you to be video savvy or a great dancer or photographer, so personality goes a long way. Be witty and make jokes, the brands getting the most likes and follows on launch day were those that were being weird and interactive.


The vibe on Threads in its formative weeks has proven to be informal, playful, messy, and chaotic, so this is the perfect time for your business to be experimental Online and to interact with people in a fun way that you haven't before.

The other Social Media juggernauts have been around for so long now that businesses have developed a highly polished and controlled Social Media presence, and at this point most people are over it and can see right through it. The beautiful thing that Threads has given Small Business Owners is the ability to be relatable and authentic through its fun, informal vibe, and people are far more likely to trust a business that they can relate to rather than an overly polished cooperation.

Start With a Pre-Built Audience

Start With a Pre-Built Audience

If your business is already active on other large Social Media platforms then you don’t need to spend your precious time trying to gain an audience from scratch on Threads, you can start from day one with a community that already loves you from other platforms. If your audience is like the rest of the world, then they’ve probably downloaded Threads already.


Transferring your current audience to your Threads account is a breeze, as you are able to easily share your Threads post to your Instagram story and share it as a link on your other Social Media platforms. This lets your Customers know that your business is down with the kids and is on the cool, new app.


Along with not having to work for your audience, you also will not have to work for your verification. As Threads is developed by the Instagram team, it uses your current Instagram credentials which allows you to retain your verification status, ensuring that your Customers know that they are following the right account and that you are the real deal.


Whatever excuse your Small Business had for not joining the rest of the world on Threads before certainly cannot stand now that we’ve let you know about the innovative ways that it allows you to interact with new people as well as your current audience. Also, let’s be honest, you want to download it to have some fun as well, don’t you?