Why Every Small Business Needs Foundational Digital Marketing

Everyone’s favourite buzz words: Foundational Digital Marketing. And yes, that was a slightly sarcastic statement, because we know that Digital Marketing can quite often incite fear in the heart of any Small Business Owner.

We don’t blame you! It can be scary, unknown territory to delve into. But one thing’s for sure, if your business isn’t doing it, then you’ve got a problem.

Foundational Digital Marketing provides the foundation (pun intended) for your business to thrive in the Online world. It’s the kind of Digital Marketing that allows you to get your business out there and connect with current, and potential, Customers. And we can assure you that your cheeky competitors are most likely using it right now to get ahead of you.

So it’s time to fight back! This blog will be your guide on each Foundational Digital Marketing product and
why you need to get onto it ASAP to help your business attract more Customers, Leads, and Sales.

Why Does My Business Need It?

Why Does My Business Need It?

We know you may have already taken the first step to being Online with a Website, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not enough. More than 80% of Australian households purchased something Online this year, and not only are they shopping Online, they’re searching and judging businesses purely via the Search Engines and through other Online avenues such as Social Media.

If your business isn’t showing up on these platforms and Search Engines, then you’re missing out on targeting potential Customers and making the all-important revenue! And your competitors might just be taking it from you…

There are four key areas within Foundational Digital Marketing, and we recommended that your business needs to be partaking in at least one.

We’re sure that your interest is now well and truly piqued. Continue reading because in the next section we go into the four main Foundational Digital Marketing areas that your business needs to be focusing on.

The Foundational Digital Marketing You Need to Focus On

The Foundational Digital Marketing You Need to Focus On

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Here are the four Foundational Digital Marketing products that are the key to your success.

Website Optimisation

Did you know that 68% of Online experiences begin with a Search Engine? You’ve probably been that person Googling for a product or service, and the top results on the page are what your attention is drawn to. This is where Website Optimisation can help.

If you’ve been worried about the amount of traffic that is being directed to your Site, Website Optimisation is the perfect Marketing option for you. It’s all about driving potential Customers to your Site via Search Engines.

Its whole purpose is to get your Website as high as possible on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), so when a user is searching a product or service you offer, you’ll be visible for them to see and be the main option for them to click on.

What are the benefits of Website Optimisation?

  • Increases and maintains your Site Health
  • Builds Website credibility
  • Improves your brand awareness
  • Gets you higher quality Organic Traffic for your Site
  • Generates more leads and more Customers


Google PPC 

Another key method in driving traffic to your Website, Google PPC (Pay Per Click) gives you the opportunity to display an advertisement, getting your Website link at the very top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), sitting comfortably above the regular results.

Google PPC, allows you to bid on specific keywords to ensure that your brand is front and centre, targeting the right kind of Customers who are searching for what your business can offer.

And with 63% of people having clicked on a Google Ad at some point, it’s a Digital Marketing tool that will really assist in generating more leads and Customers.

What are the benefits of Google PPC?

  • Instant boost in Traffic for your Site
  • Measurable and scalable with your business growth
  • Highly targeted for specific audience and locations
  • Adjustable ads budget as required
  • Helps business to generate more Leads and more Customers
  • Generates brand awareness
  • Beat out your competitors


Social Media

With 2 hours and 27 minutes being the average daily time people spend using Social Media, it’s certainly not something to scoff at. Having a presence on a platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram gives you the power to create a brand identity and awareness that reaches to your existing, and potential, Customers.

Giving you a clear method to interact and connect with your Customers, as well as the option to choose which platform may be best to suit your business’ needs,  Social Media is the perfect course of action to implement for your brand to give your business a voice and attract more sales!

What are the benefits of Social Media?

  • Drives Customer engagement (new and existing)
  • Generates brand awareness
  • Increases brand credibility
  • Cost effective
  • Leads to quality organic traffic for your Site
  • Helps business to generate more leads and Customers


Monthly Copywriting 

Having a stunning Website with all the bells and whistles isn’t enough if the content written on it doesn’t urge your Customers to act or speak in your brand’s voice.

If you’re receiving Monthly Copywriting, you’re getting expertly written content that caters to your business, Customers, and the Search Engines.

Whether it’s editing the current pages on your Site to entice Customers, or having a Blog written each month to describe your products/services, a Copywriting service gives you the peace of mind to know that spelling, grammar, tone of voice and connection to your Customers is taken care of.

What are the benefits of Monthly Copywriting?

  • Increases and maintains engagement
  • Leads to quality User Experience
  • Adds Website credibility
  • Focuses on brand awareness
  • Boosts your organic presence
  • Helps business to generate more leads and Customers
  • Stand out from your competitors
How Do I Know Which Is Best for My Business?

How Do I Choose One?

After reading through each Foundational Digital Marketing product, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choice. “Where do I start?” “Which should I choose?” These are common questions that may plague your mind.

Each Foundational Digital Marketing product offers something different (that’s why it’s wise to do all of them if you can), but if you’re struggling to pick the best for your business, we can help.


If You’re Just Starting Out

Website Optimisation

A long-term option for growth and results, Website Optimisation is a fantastic option to begin with if you’re unsure of where to start. It provides you with higher quality and organic traffic. We recommend it if you’re new to Foundational Digital Marketing.


If You’re After a Quick Hit 

Google PPC

An instant hit of qualified traffic, Google PPC is a faster option and a fantastic add on to Website Optimisation or any other Foundational Digital Marketing method if you’re looking to drive more traffic to your Site.


If You Want to Work on Your Brand Presence 

Social Media

Find which platform works best for your audience, so you can target the right kind of Customer. It means you can get your brand’s messaging across, all while increasing engagement and brand presence.


If You Don’t Fancy Yourself a Writer 

Monthly Copywriting

Not everyone can write like Hemingway. If you’re worried your Site’s content isn’t hitting the mark, Monthly Copywriting is the clear choice to assist in boosting your brand authority and tempting your Customers into action. It’s just so much easier to get a professional to do it for you!


If you’re not doing at least one of the above Foundational Digital Marketing methods, you’re in trouble! But you should now have a clear understanding of each method, where to begin, and which will work best for your business.

Go forth, conquer your industry and beat out your competitors by gaining the Leads, Customers, and Sales that these Foundational Digital Marketing products will offer you.