Here at Sites n Stores, we’ll setup your WordPress Online in no time!

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Content Management System (CMS)


WordPress is an Online Platform that is used to create beautiful Websites. It is an Open Source Platform and is essentially the most User-Friendly Platform to use when you want a Blog or Website with a Content Management System (CMS).

WordPress started as a Blog Platform, and quickly gained traction worldwide. They have since allowed development of CMS Websites on their platform, and are additionally notorious for offering endless plugins to allow their Websites to do anything you can possibly think of.

At Sites n Stores, we’ve chosen WordPress as our Platform of choice for the range of options it allows Small Businesses when establishing themselves Online. We use this Platform to Custom Design the perfect Website to suit the specific needs of your Business, capturing exactly what you want in the Design.

No matter what Functionality, Design or even Size Website you want, here at Sites n Stores we’ll do better than our best to make it happen. Contact us today and let's discuss your personalised Web Development requirements. We’ll discuss how to make your Small Business come alive Online, and work towards getting More Customers, More Leads and More Sales through the Online World!

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WordPress is ideal for Small Businesses as it operates on an Open Source Platform. What this means, is that your site is made available in a way that you own it. No sneaky lock-in contracts where you don’t end up with the Site at the end.

All your hard work into creating the Website leaves you with a Site that you own and are proud of. And we help you all along the way, no matter what stage your Small Business is at. We’re here to help you grow and to provide every Digital Marketing Service to help you achieve Online Success.

For more information on our WordPress Development Service, click the button below! We’ll discuss your specific requirement, and suggest the ideal option for you.

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Open Source Platform


Imagine the perfect Website for your Small Business. Picture everything; the colours, functionality and even the images. Well, we can do it! No matter what you require, we’ll help Design the perfect Website to get your Small Business Online and noticed.

As a Small Business, your Site should not cost an arm and a leg. We Build the ideal Website for your Small Business with all the bells and whistles all at a Budget price. Oh, and because your Site is built on WordPress, it’s ready to scale along with your Business!

As your Small Business grows and expands, we can expand your Website. And all expansions are still Custom Designed! For more information on how we do this, just click the button below!

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 WordPress Website


Our very own Website is built on WordPress, and we couldn’t be happier! It allows us to constantly expand and experiment, and operate in a way that will always benefit our Business. So rest assures that by letting us Build your Website, you’re setting your Small Business up for Success for years to come.

We’ll help you get Online and help you establish everything you need to have a killer Website for your Small Business. And we provide a substantial range of Digital Marketing Services to help your Small Business with your Brand New WordPress Website goes live! Just click the button below for more info on how we can help you, no matter what stage your Online Journey is at.

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