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The majority of traffic that lands on Websites these days comes from Mobile Devices. This means the design layout of your Ecommerce Store must look good no matter what device it’s viewed on. Your Ecommerce Store has to scale to the ratio of every different phone screen, and believe us, every single screen is a different size.

But what is Mobile Retail Ecommerce? For Small Businesses, it’s the ability to show off your Products to everyone with no limits to who can see it. Your Small Business and all your Products will look attractive Online, allowing your Brand to compete with the Global giants in your industry.

No matter if your Ecommerce Store is viewed on an IPhone 4 (yes, people still use these) or a tablet screen, your Ecommerce Site needs to shrink and shift its design to look perfect. This is what Mobile Responsive Design is all about.

However, a Mobile Responsive Ecommerce Site shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. After all, an Ecommerce Site is a Small Businesses chance to be competitive in the Online Market. Here at Sites n Stores, we help give your Business the best fighting chance, setting up the Ultimate Online Store to suit your every need.

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We design the perfect Online Store with your Customers in mind. There’s no point in creating a brilliant wiz-bang Ecommerce Store if it’s an absolute nightmare to use on a Mobile Device. Here at Sites n Stores, we keep everything in mind when building your Custom Online Store.

We take the time to truly understand your Small Business, developing a comprehensive understanding of how you intend your Customers to use your Online Store before we build it. That way, we make sure your Customers have the best experience possible when navigating your Store on the go.


Custom Design is what we’re all about here at Sites n Stores, especially when it comes to Responsive Design. It’s no good having a beautiful Ecommerce Store if customers are abandoning your Site the moment the use it on a Mobile Device. That’s just not good enough.

Instead, we Custom Design the perfect Site Layout to make sure that it Responds perfectly to your Customers screen. Your Products always look good, are easy to find and are more importantly easy to buy!

With the future of shopping moving to Online Platforms, it is crucial your Ecommerce Store is responsive, attractive and does its best to Sell, Sell, Sell.

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We’re obsessed with helping Small Businesses Grow Online. Offering a suite of Custom Designed Marketing Solutions, Sites n Stores is here to help. Online Mobile Retail is a force to be reckoned with, and here at Sites n Stores we want you, the Small Business Owner, to benefit from the amazing opportunity that Online Mobile Shopping brings.

No matter if your Small Business is just a start up, or you’ve been around for years, we’re dedicated to helping your Business achieve its online goals. It all starts with Responsive Mobile Design, then the possibilities for your Ecommerce Store Online is endless.

Contact us today to begin your Online Shopping journey today. We’ll help you design the perfect Responsive Store, and begin your journey towards More Customers, More Leads and More Sales.

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