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Responsive Website Design

Mobile Responsive Design means that your Website or Ecommerce Store is built in a way that is friendly to people using Mobiles or Tablets. It means that the shape and design of the Website responds as the screen shape changes, which is also applicable to different shaped desktop screens.

This means no more ugly horizontal scrolling when accessing your Site on a mobile, which actually drives potential Customers wild and increases your bounce rate. By having a Responsive Mobile Design Online Store or Website, your potential Customers just have to scroll effortlessly down the page to find what they want.

Here at Sites n Stores, all of the Sites that we develop are Mobile Responsive! We fundamentally believe that you shouldn’t have to cough up tens of thousands of dollars to get a Responsive, Highly Functional website.

So we’ve tailored our Website and Ecommerce Store Packages to help you, the Small Business Owner, get a killer Mobile Design at a fraction of the price.

So stay ahead of the competition and get your new Site Designed and Developed with us. With a range of options, we Custom Design all our Websites and Online Stores, catering to our clients unique Businesses to maximise their Online Success. So what are you waiting for? Become responsive today!

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In the modern age of technology, more people own mobiles than they do desktops. Picture this, its peak hour on the train and everyone is scrolling on their mobile. They realise they need your service, and land on your Site.

If you’re Site is not Mobile Responsive, then this poor sod with an armpit in their face during peak hour is going to simply click back and find a competitor. Their train is too busy to risk using two hands to scroll horizontally on your site.

So, let's back track to the same scenario, only this time your Site is Responsive. The train-goer reads your Content, flicks through a few service pages then enters their details on the spot.

You just got a new lead, and the determining factor; your Site was Mobile Responsive.

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By having a Mobile Responsive Site, you’ve got an immediate advantage over your competition who don’t. The bounce rate to unresponsive websites is quite high, because who really has time to hunt for the information their looking for, am I right?

As a Small Business Owner, Mobile Design is usually expensive due to the extra functionality it requires. However, here at Sites n Stores we offer complete Custom Designed Websites and Ecommerce Stores that are all Responsive to Mobiles and Tablets.

No more missing out and no more losing competition just because you’re a Small Business.

Now you’re in the game and ready to beat your competition, starting with your brand new Mobile Designed Site.

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It is a little known fact that Google recognises which Websites are Mobile Responsive, and rewards those that are by ranking higher.

It’s not that you’re particularly penalised for not being Responsive, it’s just that other Websites will be preferred over yours. It’s like entering a marathon after not sleeping the night before; you’re already tired when you enter the race.

By getting your Website or Online Store developed at Sites n Stores, you’ll hit the ground running with a Responsive Mobile Design.

Maximise your SEO by upgrading to a Mobile Responsive Site today, you’ll be amazed the difference it can make!

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