4 Google Shopping Tips That Could Maximise Your Campaign’s Success

Just like AdWords, Google Shopping is one of those tools that every Ecommerce Store owner should be considering when it comes to your Digital Strategy. Although it can take a bit of work to set up and may require a commitment to learning something pretty alien to you, the results are undeniably impressive. Having your products sitting on the “digital prime shelf” (the term Google uses to describe products that are displayed in that hugely valuable space at the top of search results) shows both your customers and competitors that you mean Business.

If you’re just starting out with Google Shopping however, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to maximising your Campaign so you’re really getting bang for your Digital Marketing buck. So, here are 4 crucial Google Shopping Tips that you need to bear in mind when looking to tweak your Campaign for best results.  Follow these simple pointers and your Online shelves will be barer than a streaker’s arse on Grand Final Day!

Images Are (Almost) Everything

Images Are (Almost) Everything

The first thing you need to think about when maximising your Campaign’s success is to take a look at products in the same categories. Do this, and what you’ll almost immediately notice is the importance of visual elements in Google Shopping Ads. Given that you could be selling similar products to that of your competitors, the accompanying image of your Shopping Ad is what can really set you apart and win you that click.

Your first priority should always be to ensure you are using high quality images that are going to stand out and look professional to any prospective shoppers out there. Dimly lit, blurry shots taken on your iPhone 4 just aren’t going to cut it when you’re competing against high-resolution images that show the product in all its sparkling glory.

Similarly, have a good think about what exactly your customer is going to want to see of the product when looking Online. If you are selling running shoes, does the shopper want to see the shoes from the front, the side, or a combination of both? Although it may seem like you’re overthinking the process, displaying the best visual angles (or selling points) of a product will likely help you to win that all-important first click.

Experiment with Price

Besides images, pricing is another huge factor in determining which Google Shopping Ads just get viewed and which get clicked on. Perhaps more so than on any other platform, people looking at Google Shopping Ads have the opportunity to accurately compare the pricing of a number of different retailers instantly.

If you’re in an industry where many different retailers sell the same or similar product (for example fashion, cameras, mechanical parts, etc.), then your ability to compete on price will be crucial. If you find yourself in the happy position of being in a less competitive industry, make sure you’ve done your research on what people are prepared to pay for your products. It’s no use being the only official supplier of a certain type of running shoe if there are other, more desirable products at the same price point.

Use the prominence of price to your advantage and have Google Shopping help you to research price elasticity in your industry. Calculated, affordable drops in price over certain periods (usually away from typical sales periods when everyone else is also dropping their price) will help you to build a clearer idea on just how important price is to your customers. Finally, if you drop the price of a product on your Site, remember that it’s vital you reflect this change in your ads.

Invest the Necessary Time

Although it’s always the best idea to start your Campaign by uploading your best-selling products, try to get as much of your inventory Online as possible. Mastering Google Shopping can take time and a lot of learning, but the potential benefits are huge. Make sure you commit to spending the required time on everything, from product uploads to those engaging descriptions that will entice your potential customers!

Furthermore, don’t get disheartened if your first few uploads don’t prove an immediate hit. While your best sellers offline are always a strong starting point, they may be a much tougher item to move Online. Getting a large portion of your products uploaded gives you the best chance of success, as you can determine what it is your Online audience are wanting – and then give them more of that! You never know, those kitchen knives that sit at the back of your brick-and-mortar Store collecting dust may just be your biggest hit with Online shoppers.

Give Cross-Sell Options

Another benefit of getting as much of your inventory Online as possible is that you give yourself a better chance of getting people to actually visit your Store. Think about it, the more products you have which can show up in a search, the more clicks you can get to your Site. And the more clicks you get, the greater chance you have of enticing the browser to buy more of your products.

Research shows that 34% of people who click a Google Shopping Ad don’t actually purchase the product they initially clicked on. For this reason, it’s key that you provide everybody who lands on a product page a number of well-directed alternatives. One of the best ways to do this is with helpful suggestions, such as “you may also be interested in…”

Think of Ecommerce giants like eBay or Amazon and how well they guide customers onto different pages of their Site with alternative or complementary products displayed under enticing phrasing such as “customers who bought this product also viewed…” The placement of researched alternatives can be the difference between someone bouncing off your page immediately or purchasing one of your other products.


It’s important to always keep in mind just how beneficial Google Shopping can be for your Small Business Success. Although the time and energy required to establish a Campaign may be slightly higher than some other forms of Digital Marketing, the payoffs can be huge.

If you understand the potential but aren’t sure you have the time to make it work, never be afraid to ask experts for help. Not only will they be able to set up a killer Campaign for you, they’ll also be able to optimise it to help you get the most out of your Google Shopping Ads.