Bing Can Help You To Bring The Dollars In

If we had to guess, we reckon that security, growth, and a steady injection of dollars are three of your biggest concerns when it comes to the running of your Business. What we know is that in order to achieve all three, you need to be running some form of Digital Marketing. The old adage about spending money before making money has never been truer. 

While nearly every successful Small Business utilizes the power of Google, it isn’t the only way you can connect with your Customers Online. Bing is the second-largest Search Engine in Australia, and it’s a fertile hunting ground for Entrepreneurs just like you

So what exactly is Bing?

So what exactly is Bing?

Bing is simply Microsoft’s alternative to Google. It works in pretty much the same way that Google does… just enter what you’re searching for, and a massively complicated algorithm that nobody really understands will return you some impressively accurate Search Results. Head over to for yourself, and you’ll also see that the two even look pretty similar. There’s only so much sprucing up of an ‘ENTER YOR TEXT/QUESTION HERE’ box that can be done. 

The similarities don’t end here. Just like Google, Bing is used millions of times each day by Australians looking for products or services to spend their dollars on. Although Google is often the best place to start when it comes to Digital Marketing, you can’t be writing Bing off, just because it’s the smaller of two giants.

More Ad for your buck

Just like Google, Bing has its own Pay Per Click (PPC) platform, which allows Small Businesses just like yours to affordably bid on certain keywords in return for Website traffic. The great news here is that due to the reduced number of users, it’s often appreciably cheaper to Advertise through Bing Ads. Most sources estimate the average overall cost can be brought down by about a third, although this will obviously vary by industry. 

Furthermore, Microsoft is pretty realistic about how in love with Google everybody is. To counter this, they’ve made it super simple to import your existing Google Ads campaign into Bing, meaning you can get started in a matter of clicks. If you’ve got an established Ads campaign that you’ve poured some blood, sweat, and tears into, why not boot it up in Bing and see if those juicy savings could apply to you? Similarly, if your current campaign is filling you with leads, but the cost of doing so is beginning to erode your margin, you’re probably at the point where you need to have a decent look at Bing.

Bing Places = smiley faces

Bing Places is Microsoft’s alternative to Google My Business. If that’s still a little too techy for you, just think of it as a free (yep, FREE) listing service that you can use to promote yourself Online. When used properly, Bing Places gives you control over what people see as the ‘official’ listing of your Business. Being able to easily select and edit the images and written content that greet anybody who searches for your Business Online is a huge step towards being able to turn browsers into Customers.

Remember, it’s designed to be simple

Bing have gone to a pretty big effort to ensure that their products and services don’t require a degree in astrophysics to operate. Besides intuitive set ups, Bing will also give you a boost by multiplying your work where possible. For instance, once you’ve established your Bing Places page, you’ll start to show up in Bing Maps, and a host of other location-based services.

If you’ve got any other questions, or you’re still not sold on how Bing can help your Small Business, feel free to give us a call.