How to Build a Commanding and Consistent Brand Image

Building a brand is no easy feat, but over the last couple of years it’s really opened our eyes on the importance of brand image and how consumers react and support that brand.

Connection to brands is getting stronger, and your Customers are, more than ever, attracted to the unity of what your brand represents. So now is the time to really refine and stay in tune with the image you’re portraying to your target audience.

If you’re looking for guidance on how to build a brand image that will remain consistent and stick in the minds of your audience, our tips below will help you in crafting the brand image that will be stuck in the brains of your Customers.

Create an Unforgettable Brand Name

What’s in a name? Well, in this case, your brand name sets the tone for not only your image, but your personality as well.

You’ll also need to consider how this name appears online. Is the spelling not too difficult? Does it connect to what your brand stands for? Will people remember it easily enough to be able to search for it? Is the name not only simple enough to remember, but catchy enough for your audience to retain and recall?

It would be wise to look back on all the research and study you went through in the early stages of your brand creation and associate with where you started and why you started your business in the first place. What kind of emotions were involved? What kind of passion drove you?

If you find yourself truly stumped, tools such as Namify exist online to assist you in any brand name creation, even checking which Social Media platforms are available for the name of your choice!

Design a Harmonious Communication Procedure

While presenting your image online, you’ll be communicating, acting, and writing as your brand. This may occur on the Social Media platforms you decide to be a part of, or even on your own Site.

The chances are that multiple members of your business are going to be presenting as your brand via these mediums. But do they all hold the same voice? Most likely, they don’t.

Consistency is an integral part of brand image, and if you’re all communicating online to your Customers and visitors in different voices, it won’t feel like an effective, all-together brand.

To ensure everyone projects the voice correctly, it’s a smart idea to create a style guide or communication policy document. Filled with tips on your brand’s writing style, the specific personality, and what you can and can’t do while speaking through the brand will keep that brand presentation compatible.

Collate Your Knowledge

Over the course of your business’ venture, there’s no doubt you would have collected, created and written a lot of knowledge on the industry your brand resides in. Don’t let it go to waste!

This knowledge can be put together into a knowledge base where yourself, team members and any of your Customers can access for any learnings or upskilling required.

There are always going to be certain Customers of yours who will find areas difficult to navigate and won’t completely comprehend how to use your products or services. Give them a helping hand by answering their questions and giving them ways to learn more about your brand and how your offerings work.

A consistent brand image will assist in keeping your business powerful online and in the eyes of your Customers. Stay true to your brand and your audience will stay true to you! (And make you a few more sales in the process).