Mastering the Art of Reposting to Boost Your Small Business on Social Media

Mastering the Art of Reposting to Boost Your Small Business on Social Media

In the dynamic and fast paced world of Digital Marketing, continuing to stay relevant and engaging on Social Media is crucial for the success of Small Businesses. And we don’t think we are telling you anything new here, I mean, hello, Social Media is everywhere these days!


But, what we are telling you is that as a Small Business Owner you constantly have your hands full. There’s only so many hours in the day, and you don’t have time to be constantly creating new content. That’s where today’s blog comes in. We’re here to tell you that not all content you post on Social Media needs to be new or original.


There is another powerful yet time efficient way that you can amplify your brand’s message and foster a stronger Online presence. Let us introduce you to the world of reposting content!

The Benefits of Reposting

The Benefits of Reposting

Maximised Content Lifespan:

Content creation demands time and effort, and it would be a shame for all of that work to not live up to its potential. Reposting allows you to extend the lifespan of your well-crafted content, helping it avoid an early death that would be devastating for your engagement!


Share your more recent posts strategically to maintain audience interest over time to get the most out of each and every amazing post you craft!


Boosted Engagement:

Resharing popular content can reignite engagement and discussions that may be close to dying out. To avoid this, when you repost your content add an extra comment encouraging your audience to continue sharing their thoughts or to throw their hat in if they have not yet joined. 


This tactic will not only add to the longevity of your content, but also create a sense of community among your audience.

What Should You Repost?

What Should You Repost?

Showcase User-Generated Content:

If you’re a regular reader of our blog (you should be, it's great!) you’ll know that we absolutely love User-Generated Content (UGC), and we’ll talk about it any chance we get!


We’re not bringing up UGC just because we love it, we want you to know about the power that reposting this kind of content can have.


Not only does UGC save you ample amounts of time since you aren’t the one creating the content, it also creates a sense of community and trust around your brand. Your audience will see that by reposting their content, you value them and care about their opinions.


Highlight Milestones and Achievements:

Celebrate your Small Business’s milestones by reposting content that showcases your journey and how far you have come


Use reshared content to highlight success stories, Customer testimonials, awards and other important achievements on their anniversaries to remind your audience of all the quality work you have achieved throughout the years. Prove your expertise and experience within your industry.

Tips for Reposting and Resharing

Tips for Reposting and Resharing

Implement a Content Calendar:

As we just stated, resharing content on relevant dates is crucial, but with so much on your mind as a Small Business Owner, it can easily slip your mind. Don’t stress though, as always your trusty friends at Sites n Stores have got a solution to this problem!


You can plan your reposting strategy by using what’s called a content calendar. Schedule posts and content strategically to coincide with relevant events, holidays, or promotional campaigns to help make your reposts seem justified and not just for the sake of it.


Balance Reposts with Original Content:

While reposting is beneficial, striking a balance with original content is crucial. Your audience may think that you are constantly stuck in the past if all you do is repost content from years ago


While they want to see the journey you have been on and be nostalgic for the past, they also want to know what your business is currently up to. Your Customers and potential Customers will gain more trust from your brand if you are highlighting active and new activity from your business. 


And there you have it! Not to brag, but we think we’ve done a pretty good job of explaining how reposting and resharing content on Social Media is a cost-effective and time efficient way for Small Businesses. 


By strategically implementing these amazing tips that we have graciously bestowed upon you, your business can leverage the power of existing content to build a dynamic and impactful Online presence that will skyrocket your business to success!