Let Dynamic Retargeting Spice Up Your Digital Marketing

If Digital Marketing is something you’ve spent time looking into as a business, you’ve probably already got your fingers in a lot of different pies.

But it could also mean you’re looking to continue your success and raise the stakes in the growth of your brand. If that’s the case, Dynamic Retargeting could be the next step in your digital marketing journey.

You may have heard the term ‘retargeting’ thrown around, but Dynamic Retargeting could be something new to you. Dynamic Retargeting is more personalised, and is based on a Customer’s past engagement, making it more specific than regular retargeting.

If you’re keen to strengthen your Digital Marketing efforts, Dynamic Retargeting could be the next step in building those online marketing muscles powering you forward to online success.

But Why ‘Dynamic’?

But Why ‘Dynamic’?

You still might be scratching your head with the whole ‘dynamic’ term. It does indeed differ from regular retargeting!

The older style of Retargeting (called Remarketing by Google) allowed you to display ads to Customers who had previously visited your Site or mobile app but did not necessarily make a purchase.

Dynamic Retargeting (or ‘Dynamic Remarketing’ as Google calls it) goes a step further than Retargeting, with ads being generated specifically on a Customer’s past involvement on your Site, including the exact products that the Customer viewed and was interested in. For example, a makeup ad can be served to Customers who recently purchased makeup brushes.

The specificity of these targeted ads means you’re reaching the audience who are already engaged with your products in some form. It provides an opportunity to get a tailored message out to draw those Customers back in.

Is It Right for Me?

Is It Right for Me?

There are multiple benefits to Dynamic Retargeting that could make it the perfect fit for you and your business.

Google boasts that their retail clients have experienced extraordinary success, with clickthrough rates reaching 450% higher than what they would have without the use of Dynamic Retargeting.

That’s a huge number! This is mainly because the traffic being directed to your Site from these targeted ads are highly qualified, this audience is already interested in your products, and that increases the likelihood of them making a purchase.

This makes it an efficient way to market your business and products. You won’t be wasting money trying to grab the attention of new leads who’ll never follow through, you’re going after the Customers who have already interacted with your Site and products.

All you have to do now is get them to come back to make another purchase, which is what Dynamic Retargeting can help with.

The Power of Knowledge

The Power of Knowledge

Another helpful tool that is provided by Google Remarketing is their analysis and metrics.

You’re able to view this data and analyse what’s working and what isn’t, giving you the ability to closely observe the behaviour of your Customers so you can rework any of your ads that aren’t hitting that sweet spot with your audience.

Monitoring these analytics is going to give you valuable insight into how you can improve and tweak ads to continue engaging your Customers with your products.

Dynamic Retargeting is a Digital Marketing method that is definitely worth your time. With the power of specific ad targeting, it’s going to give you a way to tap into the audience that are ready and willing to buy your products right now.