How Google Moving to “Mobile First” could affect your Small Business

Google announced in March 2018 that they would be finally moving to “Mobile-First Indexing”. But what does that actually mean?

Mobile-First Indexing means that Google’s going to begin looking at your Websites Mobile Version before looking at the desktop version, then rewarding Websites with better Mobile Compatibility.

This is because people are starting to use the mobiles far more often than their desktops. So if you still think “oh but my customers will only ever use a computer to find me”, then we’re sorry to say you’re wrong.

With advancements in modern technology, Google needs to keep up. And their solution; Mobile-First Indexing.

But Seriously people only search for my Business on Desktop

But Seriously people only search for my Business on Desktop

It’s something we hear over and over here at Sites n Stores. But the chance of this being true is highly unlikely these days! It doesn’t matter what Industry your Business is from, more and more people from all generations of grabbing their phone to get Online.

Foot traffic has dramatically dropped over the years due to Ecommerce Stores, and now Mobile Device use is taking over desktop use. And even if people aren’t buying your products, they are certainly scouting your Business out on their mobiles first.

Think about how you use the internet yourself. If you’re on a train going to work, or in the passenger seat of a car, your phone is nearby. You suddenly remember that you need to book an appointment, or have to buy a gift for a friend. You pull out your phone and start browsing, searching and searching till you find the perfect solution.

And how bloody annoying is it when you have to zoom in and horizontally scroll on a Website. It makes you feel like the Business doesn’t care about their customers, or that they aren’t trustworthy.

But even if that particular person doesn’t buy or book an appointment right then on their phone, if the Mobile Version of your Website is good they will come back to buy from you later.

But my Website is not Mobile Responsive What does this Google Update mean for me

But my Website is not Mobile Responsive What does this Google Update mean for me

It means you really should look into updating your Website. If your Website or Ecommerce store is not Mobile Responsive then chances are it is pretty old. Most Web Designers have included Mobile Responsiveness in their products for a couple of years now, and if your Site’s not responsive it’s time for an overhaul.

Websites are like Mobile Phones. As technology improves your brilliant IPhone 3 starts to look like something from the toy aisle in Kmart. But not only that, it slows down and can’t quite handle modern applications and updates to software until it eventually becomes obsolete.

Websites are exactly the same. The older it is, the older it looks in Googles eyes. Google wants to serve updated, modern and relevant Websites to people that use their Search Engine. And this is why they’ve introduced the Mobile-First Indexing. They want to present to their Searchers Websites that are easiest to use with modern technology.

Cant I Just do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Instead of Making my Site Responsive

Cant I Just do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Instead of Making my Site Responsive

The short answer, you should be doing BOTH! You should make your Website Mobile Responsive AND invest in professional SEO for your Small Business Site. This means you’re giving your Online Brand the best chance of getting noticed and indexed by Google.

The way Google works is they want to easily see what a Website is about. The Google “bot” crawls Website’s and indexes (or places links) to all landing pages they find on your Website depending on what the bot reads your Website is about.

Mobile-First Indexing means that the “bot” is going to crawl the Mobile version of your Site before even looking at the Desktop. So if your Mobile Site is hard to use and read, the bot is going to have difficulty finding information on what your Business really does.

SEO is how you can help the “bot” understand exactly what your Website is about, but without a Mobile Responsive Site, SEO practice will prove harder and harder to take effect.

So What Should I Do

So What Should I Do

The first step should be to contact us here at Sites n Stores today! We’ll talk you through the best options on how to upgrade your Site and to get the most value from your Organic Search Marketing.

We’re also Google Partners here at Sites n Stores, and are experts when it comes to everything Google. If you’re needing a helping hand to get your Website kicking ass, then call us today.

We’ll discuss the importance of Mobile Responsive Web Design, and our incredibly low budget options that your Small Business can benefit from today.