Make Your Landing Page Your New Best Friend

Configuring your Landing Page correctly can go a really long way towards maximising your Marketing conversions, and is something to consider in the next step of your Website’s journey. “But what exactly are Landing Pages?” we hear you yelling at the screen. Okay, listen up.


A Landing Page is a standalone Web page that is specifically created for a Marketing or Advertising campaign. It’s the page that a Customer ‘lands’ on after clicking a link connected to ads from social networking apps/browsers or search engines such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

That Landing Page has a specific goal, compared to a Homepage which is a general purpose page offering an overall view of your business. Landing Pages are designed to hone in on a particular subject and target audience, and to sell them on a specific product, service, or special offer.

With fewer distractions compared to a Homepage, the Landing Page is completely focused on its goal of converting leads into sales.  

It’s pretty beneficial for your business, so let us explain how you can increase your reach by tweaking some basic elements.

Back to Basics

Back to Basics

You don’t have to be a master Web Designer or a gifted Copywriter to make your Landing Page perfect, it’s all about simplicity. You just have to make sure your key elements are on the page and that they’re executed flawlessly

Your headlines and descriptions should be concise. The Customer has come to the page for a reason, they don’t want to be bombarded with long paragraphs and tactless information.

Any colours, images, shapes or Design choices should add to the page, not distract! 

The aim is for these Customers to purchase. We can’t have them confused or preoccupied, we need them to kick that goal! (The goal of giving you that sweet, sweet sale).  

Tailor to Your Target

Tailor to Your Target

But who are you selling to? Not understanding your target is about as helpful as putting your dog in charge of creating the Website content (which, believe me, is surprisingly not that helpful).

Your written content and design should be designed to connect with the Customers who are clicking into your Landing Page. It’s essential to speak to them in their language.  

Your Landing Page is trying to attract and convert your specific Customer, and tailoring your page to suit them will go a long way towards converting them from a lead into a shiny new sale.

Double Check Your Devices

Double Check Your Devices

Mobile has become a prominent way for people to shop, research and otherwise spend time online. If your Landing Page doesn’t load quickly enough, and isn’t designed to play nicely with mobile, the Customer isn’t going to hang around for long. 

You need to test, crosscheck, and ensure your page is loading correctly and is optimised for all kinds of devices and desktops.


Landing Pages can be your best friend if you actively target your content and design, and are keeping it simple for the Customer you desire. Deliver what your Customer is looking for, and you’ll be laughing all the way home with the growth it will offer your brand and business. Just promise not to put your dog in charge!