4 Key Elements for the Perfect Email Newsletter

You’d think Email Marketing would be a thing of the past, but they’re still kicking goals for businesses today! 69% of marketers use email newsletters with the aim of connecting with and inspiring Customers.

If your email newsletter is engaging with your subscribers in the right way, you’ll be building an ongoing relationship which can improve your brand trust and ultimately lead to sales! Ca-ching!  

Now is the perfect time to be updating (or beginning) your email newsletter journey, and we have the four key elements to consider and include to ensure yours is hitting the mark.


Have you ever opened an email from a brand, taken one look at a big wall of text and immediately deleted it? We’ve done it too. If your email isn’t structured right, there’s no way your reader is going to take the time to actually read it

Utilising dot points, small paragraphs, headings, bolding, and underlining are just a handful of the ways an email can be made more consumable. Grab their attention, draw their eye to certain areas and allow them to navigate through the email. 

But not only does it have to look accessible, it has to read well too. Ensure your copywriting is engaging for your specific audience, and is grammatically correct! 

You can also weave in styles of writing such as storytelling into your emails, it’s more personal and is a method of writing that aims to draw in readers. Choose what works best for your target audience and what you’re trying to convey in your newsletter.

Focus on Your Customer

We can’t stress it enough. Focus on your Customer! Your style of writing, the tone of voice you’re writing in, the topic of the newsletter, all hinge on who your target audience is. 

If you’re not connecting to them, there’s no way they’re sticking around. Add in language that makes them feel included in the writing, like a conversation. Ask questions and use first or second-person pronouns.

In terms of topics of writing, you should be consistently tapping into their pain points. Prove to them that you know what they’re struggling with, and then in turn prove that you can solve that! Make a list of your Customers’s issues, and see how you can address them through your email newsletter. 

You can encourage your reader to give feedback as well, give them a hyperlink to a contact or feedback section, or give them the opportunity to reply to the email itself. Be the voice that listens to them

Clear CTAs

We want your Customers to engage with and enjoy what they’re reading, but you’ll also have another goal. You can’t forget that you need them to act!  

Use clear Calls to Action (CTAs) to compel your Customer to click on a button, go to your Website, or whatever it is you’re desiring from your newsletter. Work with colour, design and copywriting to nail them. 

Brief and to the point is usually the best, so that they understand what benefit they’re receiving from clicking it.

Beautiful and Functional Design

You’ve now nailed the writing aspect of your newsletter (congrats!) but you can’t forget about how it looks.

How attractive your email design is will be the first thing your reader notices as they open it. Use appealing colours that correspond to your brand’s logo, and choose fonts that are easy to read. Include images or photos that are relevant, without cluttering the email. 

Being a pretty email is one thing, but the design of the overall layout will determine how user-friendly the email is. If you have one at your disposal, get a designer to assist or use email layout examples Online to guide you. Remember to always stay on brand! Create a visual experience that represents your business and speaks to your Customers.


Email newsletters are very much in right now, and they can help you build a long-lasting relationship with clients, all while encouraging them to act! Use these four elements in your email newsletters to engage and create brand trust with your Customers today.