How To Reengage Your Customers With Email Marketing

All Small Business Owners know that Email Marketing is a cost-effective way to maintain contact with your customer base. But perhaps what isn’t quite as widely known is just how effective it can be as a tool for mending and rebuilding some of those relationships with customers that have become a bit stale or frayed over time.

Maintaining a good rapport with existing customers is vital to your success when operating on a Small Business budget. Indeed, accounting software developer QuickBooks estimates it costs at least six times as much for an organisation to obtain a brand-new customer when compared to simply retaining an existing one.

If your current Email Marketing strategy only focuses on engaging with people who haven’t yet bought from you yet, then consider focusing your attentions elsewhere. Look at using your Emails as a way to reengage customers who have potentially forgotten about your Business and the great products or services you provide. This could be a much more lucrative way to market your Small Business!

But just how do you best leverage your Emails to target those customers that need some persuasion to get reengaged? Read on and find out

Define who Needs Reengaging

Define Who Needs Reengaging

The first step on the road to reengaging customers is to decide who from your Email List actually requires it. After all, there’s no point trying to reengage people who are already frequent customers. This would simply be a waste of your time and theirs.

Who you need to reengage will vary depending on your business, but you should have an idea of how often your consumers purchase from you based off data from previous transactions. If you are in an area which gives the opportunity to frequently cross-sell or upsell your clients - such as apparel or foods - a three month period with no purchases may be cause for concern. In other industries, however, this period may be far longer.

Try to make sure that you only target those who actually have begun to disengage and not simply those who you wish would buy from you every day. Remember that no matter how great your product or service, your consumers are only likely to want a certain level of contact outside of the time they spend purchasing. If you begin to send reengagement Emails to customers who are already engaged, you risk turning the client off altogether and losing a revenue stream.

Segment Those you are Targeting

Segment Those You Are Targeting

Once you have decided who exactly in your list is a candidate for reengagement marketing, it’s important to realise that customers may have become less inclined to interact with you for different reasons. And for this reason, you should segment your Email List, so you can send them the best content for the kind of reengagement they need.

Those who have fallen out of love with your brand will need to be handled differently to those who have simply forgotten about a product they once loved. Similarly, customers who used to frequently purchase from you but have moved to a cheaper competitor may be recaptured more easily than those who have begun to purchase in an entirely new product category.

If you cannot discern why a customer has lost interest, try asking them! Emails which actually invite the reader to respond make them feel valued and may provide a break from the barrage of Emails they receive from your competitors trying to lure them into a purchase. If they provide you with feedback as to why they have become disengaged, then you can best assess how to win back their heart.

Build a strategy based around the grounds of the customer’s disengagement rather than assuming everyone on your Email List has disengaged for the same reason.

Offer an Incentive

Offer An Incentive

A popular strategy to reintroduce customers to your Business is to offer an incentive to purchase or get in contact with you. This can be particularly effective in the world of Small Business when your products or services might be constantly evolving.

For example, a customer who last purchased from you a year ago might well be looking for exactly that new product you’ve launched in the last month, if only you could get them to try it.

Remember the aim here is to reopen a dialogue between yourself and the customer and to hopefully build a relationship that will yield further sales down the track. With this in mind ask yourself if something as simple as a huge discount is really going to help you achieve your goals. While a one-off purchase at cost price might seem like a good idea, it’s likely only going to lead to another attempt at reengagement. Instead, you want to offer something that strengthens your relationship with the customer and makes them want to purchase again.

If you know why the customer has become disengaged, try to tailor your offer to their specific desires. Someone who has been lost to a cheaper competitor might be receptive to news of a more budget-friendly range you’ve brought out.

Similarly, a previous purchaser who has stopped shopping with you because they have lost faith in the benefits of your products might be more inclined to make a purchase if new research or news stories seem to support your claims. If this is the case, then you could create an Email Campaign including this information in helpful blog posts or interesting video content, as a way to win their faith back.

Focus your Energies and Resources

Focus Your Energies And Resources

It may hurt your pride but a big part of a successful reengagement Campaign is being able to accept that a customer might be unlikely to return. Once you deduce that this specific customer is unlikely to buy from you again, you can focus all your efforts on winning back those customers who are most likely to convert again.

Target those customers who you believe you have a realistic chance of winning back with offers that not only appeal to their wants, but will also encourage them to open your next Email. An offer that runs for a stated period is far more likely to trigger a repeat purchase than a one-off, heavily discounted option to buy. Carefully consider who you target and how and you’ll be welcoming back customers with open arms.


When it comes to wining back disengaged Customers, Email certainly is an effective marketing tool that can be implemented by any and all small Businesses. Using the techniques above, you can turn those customers who have fallen out of love with you into repeat buyers who sing your Brand’s praises once again!