Copywriting 101: What Is It and Why You Need It

Writing good copy for your Website is vital for its success. The content on your Website could be the difference between a sale, and a customer passing on your service or product. When it comes to your Online presence, the quality of your copy shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be a priority. If you’ve taken the time to invest in a smart and attractive Custom Designed Website, you don’t want to be turning potential customers away with poor writing.

But where do you even start when it comes to writing great digital content?! And as a Small Business Owner, added stress is the last thing you need. This is why, a lot of the time, Website content often gets pushed to the bottom of the ‘To Do’ list.

You may not even fully understand what professional Copywriting is, or why it’s so important to your Business’s growth potential. But if you want your words to transform Website visitors into sales, then it’s definitely time

So, What is Copywriting

So, What is Copywriting

If you’re still a little unsure of the ins and outs of Copywriting, let’s walk you through it. Copywriting is the act of writing Web page copy that persuades your site visitors to take some form of desired action, whether that be to purchase, sign up or call you. Essentially it is writing that is designed to promote your Business, service or products. It’s more than simply perfecting each sentence with correct spelling and grammar: It’s structured, persuasive, convincing and clever.

Another important thing to know is; you need copy that is not only appealing to readers, but that ranks in Search Engine Results. This is called SEO Copywriting. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Copywriting is copy that aligns with the current algorithms and requirements of Search Engines. This means, delivering quality content that not only appeals to customers, but also includes specific Keywords and phrases that your potential customers are searching for online. These search terms improve your Website’s ranking in Search Engine and maintain your Business’s Online relevance.

We don’t blame you if that all sounds a bit complicated. It can be difficult to find the time to construct quality Search Engine ranking content, as you’ve likely got other important Business matters to attend to. Instead of wasting a lot of time wondering if your Website content is good enough to set you apart from your competitors, you should invest in Professional Copywriting services. This will leave you safe in the knowledge that your Website will be selling your products and services to the best of its ability!

Why You Need Copywriting!

There are a number of things that will benefit your Small Business when you capitalise on Copywriting services. You’ll save time writing, reading and obsessing over content, they’ll be no nasty grammar or spelling mistakes and you’ll keep up to date with every single one of Google’s algorithm changes. But most importantly, you’ll know that your copy is going to greatly improve your Online presence.

You’re Too Close

Sometimes being so close to your Small Business can hinder your ability to write about it. You’re too personally invested, meaning that there’s the potential for you to undersell or oversell certain qualities of your products or services based on your own experiences.

There’s also the chance that, while you’re able to understand confusing your terminology and lingo, your customers might not! This will only serve to deter them from purchasing from you, as it will all seem too complex and confusing. And this is where a Professional Copywriter comes in. They’ll be able to capture your Business’s essence, voice and character while making the content informative and understandable. They know how to display your Business in a great light that’s both persuasive and easy to read.

You’re Not A Professional Writer

You’ve never written Website copy before, but you think you can manage because you’ve produced a few newsletters or brochures in the past – how hard can it be, right? Many Small Business Owners fall into this trap. Don’t be one of them!

Sure, you may be able to write, and you may even be a pretty good writer! But there are certain tactics and techniques implemented by Professional Copywriters when it comes to creating Online copy that will take your Website’s content to the next level and make you stand out from your competitors.

Furthermore, your Website copy should be optimised using SEO in order to be truly effective for your Online audience. This will help to make your Business ‘findable’ to people who are searching Online for products and services related to your Business. Incorporating SEO into your writing is hard to execute if you aren’t proficient in SEO Copywriting. You need a skilled Copywriter to hook customers in to your Website, but also to keep them there.

They Know How to Capture Your Services

At the end of the day, Copywriters are storytellers. They learn about your Small Business, they research and understand your industry, and have the inside knowledge to portray a winning story to your customers.

A Copywriter knows how to write with enthusiasm, engaging potential customers and showcasing your Small Business services to the very best of their ability. With a professional that knows how to connect to an Online audience and remain capable of delivering copy on time, you won’t be left with wasted time and nothing to show for it.

Leave It to the Experts

As you can see, hiring a Professional Copywriter is essential to every Small Business’s success. By leaving your Website’s copy in the hands of these word wizards, you’ll be guaranteed real engagement with your Online audience.

At the end of the day, good Copywriting is really all about persuasion, engagement and SEO. Without this influence, you’ll be fighting to gain Website traffic and ultimately struggle to turn this traffic into sales. It’s time to invest in the experts.

At Sites n Stores, we can provide you with an expert level of service for your Small Businesses Website Copy. Our team of Copywriters will deliver the exact copy you need to drive your Website’s sales. By studying your Business and industry, and utilising their Copywriting and SEO talents, we are determined to improve your Website’s Online presence. Give us a call today to discuss what Copywriting can do for your Business!