How You Can Target Local People Through Google Search

People will frequently check Google first before they actually go to a physical store to validate that what they’re looking for is available there. Sometimes, it’s to make sure they get there on time before the shop closes by looking at the store’s business hours, or to make online reservations on that popular seafood restaurant to avoid queuing. In a fast-moving world, time is too precious to waste. People want their nearest and best coffee shop, but they don’t want to waste their time looking for it.

While it used to be chunky yellow books that people looked to, this has all changed since the world become digital. Business listings started to morph into review sites where you can read comments from people which either discourage you from buying that advertised non-stick frying pan or convince you to register online for that yoga class that offers a 25% discount for its first 25 customers. It’s no longer a surprise that consumer behaviour has been greatly affected by what is posted and seen online based on their local searches.



Whether yours is an online store or one with a local storefront, ensuring your Business is easily found by those who are looking for you is a must, unless you want your competitor to grab all your potential Customers.

Remember, local Customers are often those who hold the highest potential and intent to buy from you since your location is very convenient for them. Someone is more likely to buy from a local cake shop than drive five hours away to buy a chocolate cake with almost the same price, and the same taste.

Google is the world’s most used Search Engine because you often only need a simple keyword search to get the results you need. But if you are a Business owner and you want to be seen by those who have the potential to buy your products and pay for your services, you have to do more than just the use of certain keywords. You have to actually target real people because keywords don’t buy products. It’s the people who do.



If you run a business and you still have not taken advantage of Google My Business (GMB) or have not heard about it at all, it’s time to start living in the present!

So, what does it do? Well, a GMB account acts as the official profile for your Business on Google. It’ll also boost your visibility on Google Maps, which should helps locals find you relatively easily. This is doubly true for those searching from mobile phones. Let’s say you own a dermatology clinic and want to make your Business known. People only have to type “Skin Doctor Melbourne” and your one-stop Dermatology Clinic may be there on the list of results. Searchers can see your exact address, contact number, clinic hours, and some pictures taken by you or your patients.


Reviews are part of your GMB, and will give your Business authenticity and credibility. Obviously, reviews also greatly influence other Customers. What’s written about you Online plays a big role in moulding people’s perception. Additionally, Google takes notice of review scores and factors them into your local ranking.

However, you may occasionally receive negative reviews. Take these times as an opportunity to improve your Business and to show your Customers that you value their feedback by replying to their comment. When you don’t, you might give the impression that you don’t really care about what your Customers think of you.

Utilizing local-friendly keywords and maximizing the power of Google My Business are key to growing your Business locally. If you need help with either of these, or anything else, don’t hesitate to give us a call.