How to Become a Meme Marketing Master

Ah, memes. That fun content clogging up your Social Media newsfeed. You may have noticed that they’ve really started to take off, and are prominent on the majority of the platforms you find yourself browsing.

But have you noticed when brands have taken this meme pandemonium and utilised it for their own marketing purposes

OK, we’ll go back to the start. For those of you who may be a little confused, what exactly is a meme?    

A meme can be described as a behaviour, an idea, image or style spread around on the internet. They can appear as images, sounds, GIFs, you name it! 

These comedic bits of content can be harnessed for the power of marketing. Helping connect to your audience by having a bit of a laugh, gives the opportunity to create a larger brand awareness as memes hold the key as highly shareable types of content. 

Read on to find out how you can create your own meme and have your brand gain traction around the web. Who knows, maybe you’ll go viral!

Stick to Your Brand Identity

Stick to Your Brand Identity

The key to creating memes is to have a clear understanding of your brand’s voice, personality and identity, as this will need to come through in the memes you create so your Customers recognise the correlation. 

This also ties into the memes you’re choosing to alter or create for your brand. They require a connection for the jokes and personality to hit the right note. We can’t have any off-tune memes, as they could even be damaging for your business!  

So, what is your brand about? The more you connect with your brand image that you’re attempting to convey, the more your meme is going to connect with your Customers.

Meme Mastery

Meme Mastery

When creating a meme, there are a couple of ways you can go about it. You can either alter an existing meme to suit your brand and the sort of personality you’re embodying, or you can create your own meme from scratch

Both options are valuable, the main point is to be true to your brand and ensure that the humour is on point. There are multiple free meme creators that you’re able to find with a quick search online, and overall the process shouldn’t be too difficult or worrisome for the wallet. 

If you don’t feel completely confident with your abilities in meme creation or having the correct tone that is going to hit the mark with your Customers, consider putting someone in charge who has a finger on the pulse. Any Gen Z people in your office? They could be a good option for consultation. Enlist the help of a native to meme culture and trends.

Keep Track of the Unofficial Rules

Keep Track of the Unofficial Rules

While there are no official rules when it comes to meme creation, there are the unwritten rules that are imperative to follow if you want your meme to be a success. 

Keep it short and sweet! If it takes too long to get to the joke, it’s just not going to work. Get to the point concisely! Use easy-to-read text so your message doesn’t get lost, and if you’re adapting a current meme, don’t alter it too much, your audience still needs to be able to connect to the original.

And, of course, watch your timing! Memes go out of trend very quickly these days, so go back to that team member who has their finger on the pulse for any tips on the upcoming and on-trend memes that are kicking around with all the cool kids.  

Creating hilarious memes are just one of the marketing methods you can use with ease to connect with your audience (and maybe attract some new ones). Keep monitoring the reactions of your followers when you post your meme-y goodness and learn as you go. Use our guide and become a meme master!