Is Google Shopping Right for Your Business?

Since its launch in 2010, Google Shopping has made a huge impact on how people research products, shop and browse Online. Because of this, more and more Businesses, both large and small, are jumping on board.

Google Shopping has evolved into a fantastic way for people with an Online Store to market their Business and products. So, if you have an Ecommerce Store and have been interested in investing in a new Digital Marketing Tool, then it’ll pay to keep Google Shopping at the forefront of your mind.

But just how do you know if this strategy is right for your Business? And what benefits do you stand to gain as a Small Business Owner? If these are questions on your mind then keep reading, as we’re about to Address how you’ll know if Google Shopping should be part of your Digital Marketing plan.

You Face Competition from Big Brands

You Face Competition from Big Brands

With competition so fierce when it comes to the Online world, you may feel completely disheartened as a Small Business realter trying to stand out Online. After all, how do you compete against huge companies that spend millions each year on Marketing Campaigns and building Brand Awareness?

But that’s where Google Shopping comes in. As a form of paid Digital Marketing it can be one of the most effective in terms of getting your name noticed alongside those of the retail giants.

When going up against the heavy-weight realters, Google Shopping offers a range of features, such as geo-targeting, the ability to segment Campaigns and Remarketing capabilities, all of which will strengthen your campaigns and give you priority place in the rankings.

Google Shopping also displays the price of your products, allowing browsers to immediately compare prices. That means that if you’re selling products for less than those offered by larger Businesses, a user is much more likely to opt to purchase from you, rather than the more expensive option.

You Want to Improve Brand and Product Awareness

One of the biggest drawcards of Google Shopping is that it ensures that your Ads appear above all text-based Ads in the search results. This means you get prime Online real estate, with your Ads putting your products directly under the nose of your potential customers.

This kind of exposure is invaluable if you’re wanting to increase your brand and product awareness. If you’ve created a strong, well-structured Campaign, there’s little chance people will miss seeing them. Even if people don’t click your Ad or purchase from you, they’ll see the name of your Business and what you offer, increasing your Brand recognition and Online visibility.

You Want to Spend Less on Your Cost-Per-Click

Because Google Shopping Ads work through AdWords, it works on the system of a Keywords ‘auction’. This means that you can bid as little, or as much, as you want to on Keywords, so it’s perfect if you want a more flexible payment option for your Business.  

Another benefit to Google Shopping compared with other Marketing channels, is that Google Shopping costs are typically much lower, as there’s much less competition. If managed correctly, Google Shopping should yield similar Google Shopping cost/revenue ratios, depending on your average order value price compared to your competitors, and site-wide conversion rates.

You can dictate how much Google Shopping costs by increasing or decreasing your daily budget. But just keep in mind that if your daily budget dips too low, you’ll also likely have low Google Shopping Ad visibility.

For this reason, it’s important to set your budget according to your Business goals, level of competition and desired Return on Investment. Prepare to monitor your budget and costs on your Google Shopping campaign in the first few weeks, as this will give you greater insight into what you can and should be spending to achieve the results you’re wanting.

Boost Online Presence on Mobile

The percentage of people using Mobile to browse and shop Online has skyrocketed in recent years, and it’s a number that will likely continue to grow. Even if someone purchases through a desktop, chances are they’ve conducted part of their product research through a Mobile device at some stage.

For this reason, it’s absolutely imperative for your paid Marketing to offer you the best possible experience for your Mobile users. Google Shopping was built with Mobile users in mind, so has been designed specifically for this browsing purpose.

Google displays 2 Shopping Ads on Mobile devices, which gives your product double the chance of appearing in the top search results and a bigger opportunity to display your Products to Mobile users.

You Want to Target More Qualified Leads

If you’ve tried other Marketing channels and have found that you’re getting a high number of click-throughs without any conversions, then perhaps you’re receiving ‘low quality’ leads. That is, people who are still in the research stage of the purchasing process.

While it is still important to appeal to these people (as they could become conversions later down the track!), you also want to appeal to those who have a high intent to buy now – like, right now!

Google Shopping is a great way to attract these more qualified leads. These are people who have already done the research and are ready and raring to buy.

Shopping Ads present all the relevant information to a user, including the price, name, size, colour and availability of your product, so they’ll know instantly whether or not they want to buy it. In this way, you’re arming them with all the info they need to feel empowered to make the choice to buy. Your Ad answers all their questions, so there’s nothing more to ask!

If you’re an Small Business Onwer with an Ecommerce Store who’s keen to invest in Digital Marketing, then Google Shopping should definitely be on top of your list. The largest organisations are reaping the benefits of using these Ads to reach out to potential customers, and Small Businesses should see this as an opportunity to achieve the same kind of success.

With so many great benefits to Google shopping, such as visuals accompanying your Ad, lower Cost-per-Click, a good Mobile presence and appealing to people with a high intent to buy, Google Shopping is something that really every Ecommerce Owner should look into.