How to Connect to Your Unreachable Customers

No matter what field your business operates in, or how successful it may be, it’s always key to grow your business and audience base. Even if you’ve built up a solid Customer foundation (congratulations!), would you say no to more? We didn’t think so. 

Even the Customers you believe to be the most unreachable and completely unattainable are not totally out of your influence.

Let’s talk about the marketing methods you can use to obtain those Customers you never thought you’d get to look your way.

Develop Your New Audience’s Persona

Develop Your New Audience’s Persona

Similar to when you were researching and planning to target your current audience, you’ll need to use a similar system to better understand your unreachables.

Go back into marketing investigation mode, put on your detective’s hat, and make a list of the audiences you’ve never quite been able to capture. Using demographics, create a Client Avatar to use throughout the process.

If you’re unsure exactly who this new audience may be, use the tools on your marketing platforms. Measure who is currently using and engaging with your brand and use that to find a gap in your market.

Appeal Directly To Them

Appeal Directly To Them

It’s time once again to focus on your audience, but this time it’s the new kids on the block you’ll be appealing to.

Naturally the messages and marketing mix you’ve been using for your current Customers is most likely not going to cut it with these newbies. You might need a new tone of voice, or new styling and design.

Offer them something unique to reel them in. We can safely say that most people enjoy free things, and you can use this to your advantage by offering a resource that may attract them. Downloadable and educational content, vouchers for money off your products, samples, the list goes on. Using your Client Avatar you should be able to pinpoint what may take their fancy.

Drive The Desire For Your Brand

Drive The Desire For Your Brand

The best way to be alluring to Customers is to communicate to them that you have a product or service that they need, and to anticipate any problem or concern that they may have.

You want your business to come across in a positive way, focus on making and keeping your content on all your platforms fresh and innovative.

There’s also the opportunity to get your current Customers involved. Yes, we know we’ve been imploring you not to think about them, but in this case they could prove to be useful! You can make them help refer new Customers through giveaways, discounts, events and so on. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool.

This certainly isn’t going to happen overnight, but if you’re planning and working through your strategy in stages you’ll be able to measure growth. Constantly checking on the tools and strategies you’ve been using will guide you on the changes you need to make.

There are so many ways you can speak to those so called unprocurable Customers, and we believe you can make it happen and grow your Customer base.