6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs an App

When Google first announced in 2015 that mobile searches officially outnumbered traditional desktop searching, no one was really all that surprised. Now, 3 years on, Mobile is continually growing as one of the most popular ways that people engage with technology. Sorry desktop, it looks like your days are numbered!

This means that if your Business isn’t mobile-friendly yet, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity increasing sales, growing your customer base and engaging with your audience. However, the capabilities of Mobile technology have moved far beyond simple Mobile Compatibility. With the ever-growing rise of the smartphone, people are turning more and more frequently to Apps as a way to carry out their desired actions, whether that be searching, shopping or communicating.

A common misconception about Apps is that they are solely meant for larger organisations. But today, more and more Small Businesses are realising that simply having a mobile-friendly Website isn’t enough, seeing them delve into the world of Mobile Applications. And reaping the rewards.

If you’re still unsure whether your Small Business needs an App, then read on! Here are 6 great reasons why this is an invaluable Digital Marketing Tool that could see your Business benefitting long into the future.

24/7 Visibility to your Consumers

1. 24/7 Visibility to your Consumers

Traditionally, Businesses were only available to customers during their opening hours. Then, the internet came along and people could begin to shop, search and communicate with Businesses 24/7. Now, Apps have provided even greater accessibility, by giving users a chance to access Businesses without even having to start up a desktop computer!

That’s right, Apps truly are the pinnacle of convenience. This is particularly useful for Small Businesses with an Ecommerce Store, as you’re giving your customers a chance to shop whenever and wherever they want to; 6pm on the train home from work, or 2am lying in bed because they can’t go to sleep.

By having an App, you’re literally giving your customers a chance to access your products and services at the touch of a button, whenever and wherever they want. Not only will this increase your sales, but it will also encourage more communication between your market and your Business, helping to increase likability and strengthen your customer relationships.

 It’s Where your Customers are Hanging Out

2. It’s Where your Customers are Hanging Out

In a report released last year, it was shown that the average American spends almost 5 hours a day on their smartphone. While they may be doing a lot of different things with their mobile devices, one thing’s for sure – they’re probably using an App at least a couple of times during that time.

This means that as a Small Business Owner, you know exactly where your target audience is hanging out, and what they’re looking for. They want something that’s easy to access, quick to use and offers them exactly what they’re needing. In other words, if you can create a great App that provides all this for your target market, you’ll be likely to gain pride place amongst the other App icons on their phone’s screen.

Apps Open a Direct Marketing Channel

3. Apps Open a Direct Marketing Channel

Unlike Websites, Apps let you provide information to your consumers in a more customised way. From personalised accounts, reminders and push notifications, your audience can completely tailor their experience with your Brand. This not only increases their trust and likability of your Business, but also offers you the very best way to target your Marketing efforts.

Apps often allow users to create their own accounts, giving them a chance to store lots of useful information that they might want to access later. This also gives you the chance to use this information to aid in your Marketing efforts. By seeing what your customers previous purchased, searched for, or what features they used within the app, you can target the Marketing material you send them accordingly.

For example, if you own a small boutique clothing store, you may notice that one of your App users continually searches for vintage clothing through your App. This means that when you’re having a sale on any of the items in this category, you could send them push notifications, or even triggered Emails, that let them know. Not only will they likely find this helpful, it’ll give you the best chance of channeling the right Marketing material the most appropriate customers.

One-tap Accessibility

4. One-tap Accessibility

Apps can serve as an all-in-one promotional tool for your Business. Instead of spending your money on numerous Marketing Technologies, Apps provide everything with just one tap of a button.

Consumers don’t need to open their laptops and search for your Website to see your products and services if you have an App. All they need to do is click the icon on their screen and everything will be presented to them at their fingertips. From choosing a product to selecting a payment option, all the processes can be done within the App. They also have the added benefit of seriously reduced load times and if the user has an account, all their personal information, such as their shipping address and credit card details are already saved and therefore don’t need to be re-entered. Bonus!

Excellent User Experience

5. Excellent User Experience

When created well and designed to a high-standard, Apps create a seamless journey for your customers. Not only does this aid in your sales, but it also goes a long way in engendering trust and likability in your brand.

An App allows for straight-to-the-point communication; there’s no need for long Copy to convince them to make a purchase, there’s no distracting ads popping up in a side window and you can place features in easy to find places. All of this provides an excellent user experience that will keep your customers coming back for more!

Furthermore, by giving your users such an amazing Online experience through your App, you’re likely to produce raving fans that will act as walking, talking advertisements for your Brand. If people really love what your App offers, they’ll start telling their friends and family about it, seeing you receive even more potential customers.

Builds Customer Loyalty and Trust

6. Builds Customer Loyalty and Trust

When you provide a personalised and invaluable App experience to users, you’ll likely engender trust and increase their loyalty to your Brand.

By giving users a personalised, engaging and user friendly Mobile App, they’ll grow to see your Small Business as reliable, credible and authoritative. Given that the assumption that only larger organisations have Apps, by having one yourself, you’ll be positioning your Business as one that is successful and in the same league as these other, potentially multinational, companies.  Remember, perception is everything Online.

It Opens Opportunities for Upcoming Trends

7. It Opens Opportunities for Upcoming Trends

In this fast-paced Digital World, you should always make sure that your Business keeps up with the rapid advancements, changes and trends in Marketing and technology. It is this that will allow you to maintain your competitive edge and stand heads and shoulders above your competition.

By creating an App for your Small Business now, you’ll be able to leverage all the oncoming trends and tech developments that are bound to come, meaning you can stay completely up to date!

This will help to distinguish you from your competitors and also help to position you as an authority in your field, as you’ll always be shown as being at the front of the pack.

As you can see, simply having a Mobile Compatible Website isn’t enough when it comes to best Marketing your Small Business to the masses. Soon, Apps will become one of the most common ways to access Businesses, due to the convenience, simplicity, personalisation and ease that they offer. It doesn’t matter anymore whether you’re a Large organisation or a Small Business, everyone can benefit from investing in a great, user-friendly App.