The 7 Features You Need to Have on Your Business App

It’s true, Mobile is the new frontier. And while having a Mobile-friendly Site or Ecommerce Store is absolutely vital for your Business, many savvy Business Owners are going one step further and venturing into the world of the Mobile App. And while many believe that Mobile Apps are only used by larger, multinational organisations, a rapidly increasing number of Small Business Owners are jumping on board with this Business Boosting technology.

Not all Mobile Apps are created equal however. There are Apps that are useful, engaging and fun to use, while others are simply left untouched on the App Store because they seem boring or frustrating and overly complicated.

If you’re planning to build your own Mobile App for your Small Business, and want to make sure yours is chosen from the masses, keep on reading! We’re about to reveal the top 7 elements you absolutely need to take into account for your Business App.

Keep It Simple

1. Keep It Simple

When we say ‘simple’ we mean this with regards to both the Appearance and the App’s functionality. Launching your Mobile App is exciting, so there’s the risk of getting carried away and trying to include every cool feature you possibly can within it. And while it’s true that an App with a lot of unique features may be Appealing, if it doesn’t help the users, or only serves to complicate their experience, then it’s probably better left alone.

If there’s too much going on within an App, this can also negatively affect its speed, and even result in it crashing when used. In today’s time and age, where users expect instantaneous results, it can be dangerous to create products that take too long to load or complete their desired outcome. The difference of a few seconds might seem insignificant, but in the Online World it can spell disaster for your Mobile App.

Also remember that the quality of your App is more important than its Appearance. It should help the users meet their goals and needs. While aesthetics certainly is an important consideration, if a user can’t achieve what they’re hoping to, then it’ll go straight into their phone’s trash. With this in mind, always consider whether the appearance of your App is detracting in any way from the overall functionality of your Mobile App.

User experience is the most important thing. The more you embrace simplicity, the more convenient it will be for people to use your App, which means you’ll likely never lose them. If it makes a good impression, then it stays on their Mobile phone or tablet screens!

2. Easy Navigation

When it comes to navigating your App quickly and efficiently, almost nothing streamlines this process more than an effective search bar. This will help users find what they want without getting lost on the way!

According to research, 14% of Smartphone users delete an App because it’s difficult to use, and you don’t want yours to be among them! Having great navigation is one of the best ways to avoid this tragic outcome.As most users search content using keywords and phrases, make sure your App is programmed to display results accordingly.

3. Responsive Design for Various Screen Sizes

Apple and Android devices have different requirements when it comes to App design, which should be followed for each if you want to really maximise your Apps success.

Along with this, you also need to consider various screen size of devices, as these modern technologies have been constantly shifting over time - you want to make sure your App is compatible with all of them. If someone downloads your Business’s App only to discover it isn’t optimised for their screen, they’ll get rid of it straight away – no questions asked! For this reason, it’s vital to develop an App with a responsive design that adjusts to various Smartphone and Tablet sizes to ensure a great user experience for everyone.

4. Social Sharing

While you might not have considered Social Media as an important component of your Business App, giving people the chance to share your App with their friends and family can be a great way to aid in promotion of your App.

People share things they feel passionately about, and if you’ve been able to provide them with an App they deem as valuable, helpful and high quality, chances are they’ll want to tell people they know about it. This is invaluable exposure, as you’re not only reaching a wider audience, but also creating positive connections to your App and your Business at the same time.

Make sure you provide a Social Media login to your Mobile App so that users have the freedom to express their thoughts on your products and services. In this way, people remain engaged with your Application while simultaneously promoting your brand.

5. Feedback and Contact

Whether it’s a glowing review or negative feedback, gaining insight into your users’ experience with your App is vital. Without critique and feedback, you may miss glitches or other user issues, and will hinder you from being able to improve the App so it can reach its full potential.

Give people the chance to share their opinions and comments with you, as this could result in incredibly helpful recommendations that allow you to take your App to the next level and, in turn, attract more users. Whether it’s a comment box or a link to your Business Email Address, giving people the ability to contact you will lessen their frustration, increase their trust with you and help you improve your product.

6. Regular Updates

Smartphone App trends are quick and fleeting, so you need to keep up with what’s going on in the world of phone Applications if you want to stay relevant and appeal to your audience.

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, users expect frequent changes and alterations, even to their Mobile Apps! Constantly evolve and improve your Business’s App so that people feel as though your Business is actively wanting to improve their user experience. Also ensure that your App’s content is always up-to-date, has relevant information and that any issues are fixed as quickly as possible.

7. Offline Features

In the event that your users don’t have Internet access and they want to open your Mobile App, will they be able to use it? Offline features are a must have for all Apps. This means your App won’t only load faster, but will also be usable even when users don’t have access to the Internet.

The data that you want to load offline depends on your App and what is relevant for your Business and users. You also need consider your user’s privacy when they are using your App offline, so ensure that you can guarantee that you won’t download any sensitive data offline.

While the idea of developing the perfect Business App might be intimidating at first, hopefully this guide has given you an idea of some of the necessary features you should be considering. And even if your Business doesn’t need an App right now, it’s important to keep in mind that Mobile Apps are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to do Business. An effective App will allow you to reach your customers wherever they are, because you’re literally just one tap away!