The Queen’s Birthday – Your Ideal Time to Get Online!

It’s the Queen’s Birthday! And with the added bonus of a long weekend, now’s the perfect opportunity for you to be researching how to ramp up your online presence.

As a Small Business Owner, you understand that investing in your business is the only way you’ll see it grow and flourish, which is why you should invest in Digital Marketing before the end of the financial year. Luckily for you, it’s the ultimate time to reassess your yearly budget and really push for home before tax time!

Here at Sites n Stores we are geared towards helping you grow your business and experience the best success you can! So, to give your Digital Marketing the boost it needs, here are 6 services we offer at Sites n Stores that you can include in your final budget spending before the financial year ends!

Custom Designed Websites and Ecommerce Stores

1. Custom Designed Websites and Ecommerce Stores

Got an idea in your head that you want for on Online Store? Or have you seen an absolutely stunning Website recently? Well guess what, we can bring it to life.

Here at Sites n Stores we specialise in Custom Designing each and every website for our clients. No templates are ever used. Ever. We just simply don’t believe in them! This means, as a Small Business Owner, you can customise your website design to perfectly reflect your businesses brand, identity and image perfectly.

Having a custom designed website is truly one of the best ways you can stand out against your competition online. With so many average, bland template-based sites out there, having something unique will really set you apart.

We’ve been creating Custom Designed Websites and Ecommerce Stores for Small businesses for 9 years, during which we’ve built over 10,000 websites. So we know what we’re doing. Over these 9 years we’ve learnt that every business is unique and, as a result, we have a range of site levels to choose from, with the option to pay either outright or monthly. With no lock in contracts, we aren’t focused on diving deeply into the pockets of our customers, but instead on how we can best help you achieve your business goals.

As you can see, here at Sites n Stores it really is all about you. And our long and fruitful relationship starts with the customisation of your website to help build your online presence and push you ahead of the competition!

Pay Per Click (PPC)

2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Sure we build Websites and Ecommerce stores, but to further your Online Digital Marketing success we have our very own PPC strategy set to get you instant results on Google.

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is a paid form of advertising used by Google. It revolves around keywords you purchase via a bidding system, which then rank your business accordingly in Search Engine results. Each month, you allocate your budget with Google – which means you tell them how much you want to spend.

Each keyword costs a different amount, depending on a variety of factors like location, popularity and competition. For example, “Pet Shop” will be a highly desired and competitive keyword, and will thus be an expensive bid to purchase. A keyword like “Ivanhoe Dog Coats and Kennels”, on the other hand, will have a lower cost and be more specific to your audience.

Once you’ve chosen the keyword for your bid, you then enter a “raffle” with other competitors who have chosen that keyword. Google then ranks you in the advertisement section of their page – which is at the very top, the very bottom and sometimes to the right-hand side.

Each time someone clicks on your website, you are charged for that bid, and once your monthly budget is used up you just no longer are included in the “raffle” until the month resets. The best thing is, you can set as little or as much as you want for your budget, to ensure you never spend more than you intended to!

Here at Sites n Stores, our PPC strategy can really enhance your Digital Marketing efforts. Our years of experience and dedication to small business allow us to create the ultimate PPC campaign that’s perfectly tailored to your business objectives and budget.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Much like PPC, SEO revolves all around Key Search Terms used by Google and other Search Engines. However, it’s completely free. It involves imbedding common search terms into the copywriting, meta tags, meta descriptions and image tags of your website’s content to enable Google to understand exactly what your website is about.

But while SEO is a free organic method of gaining website traffic, it takes a specialist to create a powerful strategy and maintain it effectively. Here at Sites n Stores, we have developed our own unique method of SEO, which involves completely analysing your website, setting up keywords where needed and monitoring how well they do. We report back each month with statistics and tell you just how great you’re doing, informing you where your SEO can be improved for next month!

So don’t just set your SEO keywords up and never look at them again. Let our experts at Sites n Stores take charge with our proven successful SEO strategies! And what better time to start than at the Queen’s Birthday!... Right before the end of financial year.

Logo Design

4. Logo Design

McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Apple. All we have to do is mention these brands and straight away their clearly definable logos jump to the forefront of your mind.

Does your logo have this same capturing effect? Well it should! And there’s no reason it shouldn’t.

Here at Sites n Stores, we don’t believe that effective logos should be reserved for large organisations, but should be available to Small Businesses too. That’s why we have a team of highly experienced Graphic Designers on hand who will craft the perfect logo for your business.

Appearance is everything online, so having good design and an eye-catching logo is absolutely crucial for your success in the world of Small Businesses. It will help you stand out from the crowd, cement your authority as an expert in your field and put you at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Social Media

5. Social Media

Here at Sites n Stores, the ins and outs of Social Media are our thing. We understand that as a Small Business Owner, your daily tasks can pile up, making running your social media the very last thing on your mind. But if you aren’t maintaining a consistent social media presence it could be detrimental to your relationship with potential customers.

Much like when forming a relationship, you want to maintain regular contact, touch base often and provide engaging content to potential customers when it’s expected. Fail to do this and you could create mistrust with your audience and ruin your reputation as an authoritative, professional business. A strong Social Media presence keeps you in your followers’ minds and aids in establishing those close customer relationships that are so important online.

To take the stress out of running your own social media, we can set-up and manage everything from your Facebook Page to Pinterest Board for you.  Our social strategies are designed to drive traffic from your social media to your website, increase audience engagement and grow brand awareness.


6. Copywriting

Professional copywriting with integrated SEO words can transform your website. By hiring the services of a trained and experienced copywriter, you can compel customers into trusting your business and choosing your services.

Copywriting services here at Sites n Stores cover an all manner of great things! Whether you need a complete initial write up of your website, a monthly newsletter or blog posts, we have the ideal package to suit your needs.

Our copywriters do the hard work for you so that you, the Small Business Owner, can get back to doing what you love – running your business and watching it thrive.

Hopefully you’ll be using this Queen’s Birthday to take a dive into the world of Digital Marketing and embrace the great many ways it can help your business flourish. There’s no time like the present, so what are you waiting for? Take the leap, jump on board and let Sites n Stores take your business from strength to strength!

For further questions on how our services can really benefit you and your business, contact us now! Simply call us on 1300 796 530 today.