Unlimited Changes for Unlimited Success

There’s been a hell of a lot going on at Sites n Stores over the last month. In fact it’s probably been one of the most productive and thoroughly busy months since we opened our doors eight years ago.

Not only have we codified and launched the Sites n Stores values, but we successfully launched our Unlimited Changes service. Our Unlimited Changes packages have had such overwhelmingly positive feedback from our initial launch that we wanted to share it with you all.

So what is Unlimited Changes?

Like all of our services, Unlimited Changes is designed to take the stress out of managing your business’ online presence.

So if managing your website is making you feel;



Over worked,

Then let Unlimited Changes take care of your website, so you can start enjoying your free time again.

Basically, signing up for Unlimited Changes lets our team edit and update your website with:

  • Additional pages
  • Logo changes (not logo design)
  • Site colour changes
  • Change/update phone number
  • Change/update email address
  • Change/update postal or shipping addresses
  • Editing menu bar (rearrange page order)
  • Adding page drop-down menu options
  • Changing/updating content
  • Content restructure
  • And lots more!

Keeping your website updated is important too. If you’re not doing it yourself, or getting help from us, you might be hurting your business. Making regular changes to your website is essential to:

  • Appear active
  • Excite customers
  • Keep Google happy
  • Keep current customers updated

If you’re looking to make managing and updating your website easy, click below. We’ve got all the information you need on our Unlimited Changes packages.

To everyone who has already jumped on board, thank you, we really look forward to taking some of the stress of running your business off your shoulders.