What to Check After the Launch of Your New Website

You’ve done it. You put in all the hard work and your new Website is complete. You’ve pressed the magic button and bombs away, your Site is out in the world for all to see.

But your work is not yet done! There are still areas of your Site that will need to be triple checked, tested and confirmed. Regardless of how much analysing you performed and how many strategies you constructed, your Site can always be scrutinised and up for improvement.

In our Blog we will take you through the components of your newly launched Website that you should be examining to ensure your Site is functioning to perfection.

Test for User Experience

Test for User Experience

One of the most crucial features of your Website is how compatible it is with the user.

Ensure your content and design elements are loading and appearing as you desired. Are they conveying the correct message for your audience? Investigate all of your buttons and links, are they working and directing you to the correct pages?

Your conversion paths should be checked to confirm that they’re live and firing in all the ways they should be. Check that your forms are submitting the data correctly and that any automatic emails or forms are successfully sent through.

Don’t forget to check the Mobile Phone functionality of your Site as well!

Safe and Secure

The security of your Site is essential for your peace of mind and to protect your data. Look into any scripts or plugins that need to be updated or purchased.

If needed, an SSL certificate can be used to encrypt your Site and protect it from any potential hackers wishing to intercept your data. It has the added benefit of boosting your SEO (Google uses it as part of their ranking algorithm) and can reassure your Customers.

Placing strong password policies for your team who run the Site is another key element to an impenetrable security system that you should consider.

Lawfully Good

Internet laws and regulations can be tricky to gain an understanding of, and you’ll need to verify that your Website adheres to these.

Consult your legal counsel to guarantee that you have all the necessary industry regulations and laws ticked off.

Inspect SEO Components

Your SEO is a factor luring in prized Customers to your Site, if it’s not working then you’re losing the big bucks.

Establish the load time of your Site and go over the SEO content that you’ve created. Make certain that it all matches your SEO strategy and is optimised precisely.

Set Up Analytics for Success

The Web analytics and data you’re sourcing from your Site can have a huge benefit to your business and give insight into how you can improve your Website for your Customers.

Using tools such as Google Analytics are a benefit for future success, examine how it’s operating for your Site and make sure it’s correctly set up.

Announce Your Launch

After that triple-check of your Website, announcing the launch of your shiny new Site should be brought about with fanfare and fireworks.

It’s time to tell the world! Use teasers and create a Social Media strategy to boast about your stunning new piece of technology.

Keep your current Customers in the know by sending out Emails to your current list and continue to promote it for the next month. Some of your audience may miss it if you’ve promoted it just the once. Continue to plug it and create content surrounding it that will excite new and old Customers.


If you follow this guide, your post-Website launch should tick along like clockwork. But the Website journey doesn’t end there. Continually check up on all of the above so you can continue to update and improve your Site. Start a list of ways to refine your elements for Customer satisfaction. Don’t forget to make a copy of your Website for backup, too! You just never know when you may need it.