4 SEO Techniques That Could Double Your Website’s Traffic

Right now, there are hundreds, even thousands, of users looking at Businesses just like yours all over the internet. So, how do you stand out? How do you get noticed by your potential customers when the Online market is so heavily saturated? It’s a question that puzzles many, seeing lots of Small Business Owners throw up their hands in exasperation and give up entirely.

But here at Sites n Stores, we can safely say that utilising an effective Digital Marketing Strategy, like that of SEO, can help to put you right under the nose of your target customers.

Essentially, in today’s Online World, if you’re not staying on top of your SEO, you’re losing leads by the second to your countless competitors. But it’s not just about having SEO. To stand out, you REALLY need to maximise your SEO Campaign to yield the best results for your Business. This might sound complicated, which is why we’ve put together this helpful list of the top 4 SEO techniques you can implement which may just help you double your Website traffic!

Complete an Audit

Complete an Audit

By first auditing your current Website, you can discover what your Website is lacking when it comes to SEO capabilities. This will help determine why you’re not getting as much traffic as you’d like and why your sales are lower than expected.

Essentially, auditing your Website refers to the examination of your Website’s current content, both on the front-end and the back-end. It’s a hacking technique that analyses your site’s performance and can help you optimise your Website to its full potential. To undertake an audit you should:

  • Check if each page of content is optimised with Keywords.
  • Ensure that you are utilising the best possible Keywords for your target market.
  • Make sure you’re not ‘Keyword stuffing’, but are using an appropriate number of Key Phrases throughout your content.
  • Check that your URL structure and name is optimised (i.e. it makes sense for your business and/or services you provide)
  • Ensure that your website content and images are formatted correctly.
Create Optimised Landing Pages

Create Optimised Landing Pages

You need to create landing pages that consist of content that is well-written, relevant and designed to ensure the very best user experience possible. By creating these kinds of highly-optimised pages, you open several gateways for customers to access your Website and generate a sale.

A landing page is essentially a page of content where traffic is sent, to prompt a particular action. This could be your shopping cart, or a product page, for example. Good landing pages provide informative and persuasive content that includes a Call to Action of some kind, whether that be ‘Buy now’ or ‘Add to cart’.

A good landing page will also aim to give its users the very best experience, thus enticing them further to buy. This means that your navigation on the page should be simple and straightforward, all links and buttons should be working correctly and the page’s load times won’t negatively impact on the user’s ability to browse the page. This will ensure that no frustrations or distraction will get in the way of the purchasing process. Professionally-optimised landing pages using these elements, will automatically engage your audience from the first click.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

It’s probably safe to say that most, if not all, of your target market owns a smart phone or tablet, and do a fair amount of product research and purchasing from these devices. Because of this, a huge chunk of searches through Google are made using a mobile device. And it is for this reason that it is absolutely vital for you to ensure your Website is optimised for mobile devices.

Mobile users are fierce shoppers and, nowadays, anyone can buy almost anything they desire Online. Furthermore, shoppers today want thing now – right now! So if they come across a Website that is squashed and unreadable on their iPhone, chances are they’ll leave straight away, and they won’t come back. That’s a lost sale right there. Don’t let that be you! There is so much potential to significantly boost your traffic by simply optimising your website for mobiles, so make sure it’s not a missed opportunity.

Research Your Competitors

Research Your Competitors

This might feel a little bit sneaky, but we assure you, everyone is doing it. To really improve your SEO Campaign, you need to research your competitors’ Keywords, which is common practise for Businesses with an Online presence. By understanding which Keywords they use and those which they omit from their SEO Campaigns, you can optimise your own Keywords to include those which are popular, but also those which are being less targeted by your competitors. This can dramatically improve your SEO and help you overtake your competitors in the Search Engine Rankings.

Get Started_

Get Started!

If you’re not using these techniques, it’s time to start. We get that it’s not always easy to adjust your SEO on a regular basis. Chances are, you don’t have the time to invest in creating an effective SEO Campaign yourself, nor do you have the time to constantly maintain and update it. But it’s important to remember that SEO is a core strategy for increasing traffic to your Website and therefore increasing your sales. Remember, if you can’t be found Online, you may as well not be there! At Sites n Stores, our team of Google Certified SEO experts know how to apply advanced SEO techniques that will help increase your raking in the Search Engines and drive greater traffic to your Site! Give us a call today to see how we can use SEO to double your Website traffic.