Facebook Marketing Explained – Likes, Shares And More!

The ultimate Marketing Tool for your Small Business is most definitely Facebook. This free form of advertising is incredibly powerful in generating engagement between your Business and potential clients.

However, the world of Facebook can seem overwhelming and complicated, especially with jargon like “boosting”, and who even knows when is the best time to post?

Well, we do. We’ve sat down with our fantastic Facebook experts here at Sites n Stores and have pulled together this quick guide to help you better understand the realm of Facebook.


Likes Explained

Likes Explained

This button is included below any post that either you or someone else has shared. It is a simple icon with a thumbs-up emblem that identifies that someone has enjoyed and appreciated that post.

By clicking the ‘Like’ button, it has shown that people have interacted and taken notice to your opinion and Business. Each post visibly shows how many people have liked that post, as well as the names of the people that have done so.

As a Business, you want to engage with your customers in a personal way, demonstrating that you are a trustworthy brand. By gaining Likes, you can refine your social strategy to better understand what your audience and potential customers are interested in.

Shares Explained

When people or pages within the Facebook platform really appreciate a post, they have the ability to ‘share’ it. By pressing the ‘share’ button, the post is then linked to their own personal page to be viewed by people who are friends or following them.

By gaining shares on your Business’s posts, you are exposing your content to a wider audience of potential customers.

As a Business, you really want to gain as many shares as you can. This is a great way to measure what people want from your Business and what they enjoy the most.

It is important to remember that a Social Media platform is not solely used for selling! It is ‘Social’ after all, and should be ultimately used to reflect your Business in an approachable way to your potential customers.

Boosting Explained

This feature is one of the most exciting elements of Facebook for a Business to utilise. ‘Boosting’ is essentially paid advertisement on Facebook that increases your exposure and reach to people who like and follow your Business page.

When boosting, you can choose the audience you wish to boost the post to, as well as how long you wish the post to be boosted for. ‘Boosting’ is generally inexpensive and can be hugely successful in reaching potential customers that otherwise would have missed your post.

Optimising Your ‘About Us’ Section

The ‘About Us’ section should never be underestimated! This is the first impression that Facebook Visitors will have when accessing your Business Facebook page, and should be the best representation of your Brand and Business possible.

It is here that you should optimise keywords to gain traction on your Facebook page within Google, making it even more possible to reach new clients.

Put your best foot forward here in this section and dress to impress. You will be greatly rewarded for doing so. If you cannot come up with the ideal description, then consider hiring the services of a professional Copywriter! By doing so, you will reach new heights and strengthen your Facebook Marketing Optimisation.

Earning the ‘Very Responsive to Messages’ Badge

There’s no easy way to go about this one, you have to put in the hard yards and earn it! To earn this highly distinguished badge, you will need to have a response rate of 15 minutes over seven days to client’s messages and comments, which can be extremely difficult to achieve.

However, should you earn this badge, you will have absolute bragging rights as a highly trustworthy page and your Business will reap the rewards.

When is the Best Time to Post?

Statistically, the best days for engagement on Facebook are Thursday and Friday, particularly during the times of 12-3pm.

However, this is not a rule of thumb, and each industry is as unique as the next. The best thing to do is research for yourself and find the most appropriate times for your industry. And, of course, test it out for yourself!

As the old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!

How Often Should You Post?

The aim of your Business Facebook profile is to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. To do so, you need to regularly post and engage with your audience. Much like a relationship, by regularly touching base with your audience you are showing you care. If you suddenly disappear, your audience will lose trust in your ability to be an industry leader.

As a Small Business, posting once a week at a minimum is highly advisable. Any less than that your followers will forget your page even exists.


If you’re a Small Business owner that is struggling to maintain a strong Social Media presence for your Business, let us do it for you! Here at Sites n Stores, our Social Media experts can craft a tailor-made strategy unique for your business needs.

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