Conversion Boosting Tips For Your Websites Landing Pages

Having your business represented online through either a Website or Ecommerce Store means absolutely nothing unless your Site is converting customers. If your Website is getting plenty of traffic, but those calls just never seem to come through, you most definitely have a conversion issue.

This could be for any number of reasons, from having an old outdated Website, to slow load times. Here at Sites n Stores, we understand how frustrating it is to have a Website that’s not converting, and as a Small Business owner this can be detrimental.

Unless you know exactly where to look, a badly converting Website can continue to negatively affect your business without you even realising. Thankfully, we’ve gone through and listed some of the elements you should consider to ensure your Website Landing Pages are in tip-top shape.

Is It Appropriate

Is it Appropriate?

It is very easy to lose track of who a Website is actually for when making one. While it is absolutely crucial to put your best foot forward through your Business’s Website, it is ultimately still for the customers.

Your Website can be the most brilliant design, be constantly updated and be worth thousands of dollars, but if it’s still not appropriate to your customers it may as well not exist.

By appealing to your audience, you will in turn increase your conversion rates. When looking at your landing pages, make sure they are easy to locate and are compelling to your audience in absolutely every way.

Simplify Your Content

Going hand in hand with appropriateness, simplifying your Websites content allows potential clients to choose your Business quicker.

If you’ve got pages and pages of copywriting, chances are your potential customers won’t read it. Simplifying the writing on your Website will help readers to better understand the services or products that you provide. Cut to the chase and get them to where you want them quicker!

If you’re unsure how to even start writing content that will achieve this, then don’t fret! Experienced Copywriters, such as the ones we have at Sites n Stores, have got your back. Take your Business from strength to strength with professional, articulate copywriting and watch your conversion rates soar!

Eliminate Distractions

When online, it is ridiculously easy to get distracted, and this too applies to potential customers as they use your site. By stripping your landing pages to only include absolutely relevant content your site will assist in guiding customers to the ultimate decision – to buy from you.

Make sure that on your landing pages you don’t include too many links. The goal of your Website’s Landing Page is to convert. So, if you’re distracting your potential customer by sending them everywhere else, they won’t convert. It’s as simple as that.

Keep a clear focus and direct your readers straight to the contact us page. That way, if your Copywriting just isn’t quite enough to satisfy their curiosity, you will generate a new lead.

How Old Does Your Website Design Look?

Nothing is more off-putting to a customer than a badly designed or old Website. Your Business is unique and has so much to offer, and having a badly designed Website will just not do it justice!

If you’re Website or Ecommerce Store looks like it’s straight from the 90’s, your customers will steer clear at all cost. Having an updated, beautifully designed and appropriate Site creates trust in your customer and establishes your Business as an authority within your industry.

The world of Digital Marketing also grows and shifts quickly, so if it’s been a couple of years since your last upgrade; chances are your starting to lag behind in the rat-race.

If this is your Website, then it’s time for an upgrade! Nothing converts faster than a beautiful, professional Website or Ecommerce Store… Especially when it’s Custom Designed.

Make Sure it’s Engaging

Engagement is what compels your customers to make the decision to purchase from your Business. You need to excite them enough about what you offer to make them choose you over your competitors.

An engaging Website is a combination of factors, including Website layout, image use and Copywriting. The combination of these elements serves to convince and bestow trust in your Brand Authority. As a Small Business Owner, this cannot be underestimated in any way.

If your Business’s Website is not engaging potential customers, then they will not convert. So don’t sell your Business short by continuing to use a Website that disengages clients left, right and center. If your Website’s in need of a major overhaul to reengage customers, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade!

Never underestimate the ability that a Website rebuild can have on converting customers and building immense Brand Authority within your industry.

Use Social Media Icons

Nothing places more confidence in a Business than a personal human touch, and the ideal way to do this is by utilising Social Media. Involving your business in these free Marketing Platforms is a fantastic way of building up your Business within the industry, and developing a thorough online presence.

But, having these profiles is only the half of it, as you still need to contribute to your Websites Customer Conversion.

By including Social Media icons on your website, you are demonstrating to your customers how you are investing in your industry. When customers click across to your Facebook or Twitter and see how active you are on your Business Profile, trust will develop between them and your brand.

Something as simple as including Social Media Icons on every landing page can go a long way when it comes to Brand Development online, and should never be underestimated.

Hopefully by now you understand the absolute importance that having a carefully considered Website is, especially when it comes to landing pages. If you’ve realised that it’s time for an upgrade, give us a call! Here at Sites n Stores we provide the ultimate product when it comes to getting your Business online.

To see our extensive range of examples of Custom Designed Websites or Ecommerce stores, call us on 1300 796 530 or email today!