How Great Copywriting Can Boost Your Pay Per Click Campaign

Digital Marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies are evolving all the time. Your recent Small Business Ad Campaign that could have been a raging success, may not necessarily be so effective the second time around. People’s dispositions will change, technology gets upgraded and trends disintegrate faster than the latest interactive gaming app. Who knows? Perhaps your last Campaign was just missing that crucial ‘pop’ altogether, which it needed to stand out and get your Small Business noticed online.

What we can surmise is that, despite all the technological advancements and new features consumers are exposed to on a regular basis, there’s one proven marketing strategy that still maintains its unequivocal strength ­when it comes to an effective PPC Ad Campaign – great Copywriting.

Yes, it may be hard to believe, but the humble word has the power to completely transform you PPC Campaign. You might have a PPC Campaign established by people who are experts in manipulating Google AdWords, Search Engine platforms and all the features associated with it, but if the copywriting in your ads is sloppy and rushed, chances are visitors will cast their eyes and their clicks elsewhere.

If you’re still dubious about the incredible powerful effects that Copywriting can have on your PPC, then keep reading! Our Professional Copywriters have put together some PPC content writing tips that can take your Small Business’s PPC Ad from drab to fab in just a few keyboard strokes.

Align Your Copywriting with the Customer’s Objective

Align Your Copywriting with the Customer’s Objective

When a Web user clicks on an Ad, it is not first and foremost due to the fact that he or she likes the colours, the font or the format. Yes, these are important, but what really enticers the user is what the Ad is saying and how it’s speaking to them.

That user clicks on your Ad because it brings them one step closer to their solution, which is why the best way to plan out your Ad is to put yourself in the user’s shoes. That means focusing on what that person wants to achieve and having a hard think about the language that is relevant to their search.

Since we just mentioned shoes, let’s use that term as an example. The simple phrase “Sell your Sneakers” may be nice and direct and, yes, people may want to buy or sell their sneakers through your Business. But what is it that they are really wanting? With this in mind, your Small Sneaker Selling Business Ad could include phrases such as “Don’t Let Your Sneakers Become Trash, Make Them Someone Else’s Treasure!”, “See Our Cheap Sneaker Prices” or “Sell Your Sneakers Today, Make A Profit Tomorrow”. All of these include one critical component: they speak directly to the reader’s desired end result of either purchasing cheap sneakers or making a profit off their old shoes.

By keeping your potential customers desired outcome in your mind, you’ll be able to craft snappy content that will appeal exactly to what it is they’re looking for!

Numbers and Stats Do Matter

Numbers and Stats Do Matter

As long as the numbers don’t confuse or befuddle your readers, they can be a hugely effective content marketing strategy within any PPC Ad. These days, people are so overwhelmed by Ads every time they open their inbox or scroll through their Facebook, so you really need something that stands out and cuts through the noise – and numbers and statistics can do just that.

Using figures in your Ad content allows you to cut straight to the chase, which is something that most potential customers will appreciate. For instance, seeing “$50 for a second-hand pair of Nike Uptempo shoes” or “We offer over 100 pairs of popular sneakers for under $100”, will immediately attract attention. You’re not beating around the busy, you’re cutting straight to the heart of what your potential buyers want to know! By mentioning the exact and specific low prices you’re immediately setting yourself apart from your competition and appealing to your cost-conscious buyers.

Avoid the Wrath of the Grammar Police

Everyone remembers that one annoying person in high school who always corrected your grammar. Now, while they may have been intolerable at times, when it comes to your PPC Ad Campaign, it pays to heed their advice.

Poor spelling, grammar or punctuation – like a bad bodily stench on a first date – is a major turn off to your potential customers. That’s right, if you can’t spell the major sneaker brands like Under Armor or Addidas correctly, you’ll be losing customers by the second. And if you can’t do the necessary proff-reading and edits when required, then kiss those PPC clicks goodbye.

Bad grammar is bad business, and Company Owners like yourself should be double and triple checking your content before any Ad Campaign goes live to ensure the highest quality of work. We certainly don’t take those mistakes lightly at Sites n Stores.

Words That Play on Emotion

Words That Play on Emotion

Nothing incites a reader’s Call to Action like a powerful emotional response, especially through online text. It’s what makes the ‘ Clickbait’ strategy so effective. If a user experiences a strong emotional reaction to what he or she reads, it has a much greater chance of resulting in a click through to your landing page. This technique is one of the most powerful at your disposal when writing PPC Ad copy.

In sticking with our current shoe example, some viable emotional triggers in your Ad may include, “Your unwanted sneakers have market value. Find out how much here today!” or “Rent looming? In need of some quick cash? Stress less and sell your old sneakers today!” These examples elicit certain emotions, including curiosity and relief, while also offering direct solutions to your readers’ problems. This combination will create a strong emotional pull to your product, and therefore your Ad.

Make Use of Your Resources

Make Use of Your Resources

The best way to know if your content will be effective in a PPC Ad is to do your homework prior to the Ad campaign. This why Google AdWords remains one of the most powerful word online tools and the advertising system is used by thousands of small, medium and large organisations. If the end goal of using Google AdWords’ keyword planner is to help find the right key terms to use from a financial perspective, then it pays to utilise this highly effective strategy.

At the end of the day, writing effective copy for PPC takes time and practice. However, by following our advice here at Sites n Stores, and thorough research into what language captures the attention of your market, Small Business’ like yours could reap the benefits in the long run, resulting in a greater return on your Ad investment.

If you don’t fancy yourself as a word wizard, or the idea of sitting down in front of a keyboard makes you break into a sweat, then give us a call at Sites n Stores. Our talented team of Copywriters and PPC experts will create fantastic PPC content for you, that’s perfectly tailored to your Small Business goals.